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We're home!

March 1st, Midnight EST, is just around the corner, so get your remaining entries in! In case it's confusing, we're stopping the contest at the end of March 1st, not when March 1st just begins. Wolf's birthday is March 2nd, he's turning the big 25. :D

We can't believe the response this year, it honestly makes us wonder why traditional forms of art are so often overlooked.

So Far...

:thumb78750534: Girltripped Contest Entry by BDeutungsLos
:thumb78763709: buttercup by sorael Girltripped Contest II - On... by Gerthel

Mature Content

Girltripped Contest Entry 2008 by Matttowler
Girltripped Contest Entry 1 by Pumpkin-frog contest entry by starfireandgoth4ever
:thumb78621587: Keyholder by assplosion Girltripped Contest Entry by janisike
Ice: Girltripped Contest Entry by Flynn-the-cat
:thumb78693957: Reverie - Girltripped Entry by Flynn-the-cat Girltripped Contest Entry by NifeenAnkh
Girltripped Contest Entry:.... by p-ink-eyes The Horror At The Chateau-GCE by Ali--Cat Light - Girltripped entry by Flynn-the-cat
:thumb78725861::thumb78725173: girltripped contest entry 6 by angelhitsground
Girltripped Contest Entry FT2 by jamesbaker1987 GirlTripped Contest Entry by ADreamersImagination
Girltripped Contest Entry K by jamesbaker1987 Girltripped Contest Entry SOM by jamesbaker1987
:thumb78485074: WW Fanart Sketchbook by mynti Girltripped Contest Entry by Shearin
:thumb78466331: Girltripped Contest Entry by hopes-darkest-light girltripped contest entry 5 by angelhitsground
:thumb78263291: GT Contest Entry- 'Gaze' by Kialia Girltripped contest entry by rmayani
girltripped contest : reverie by turp:thumb78163067: Girltripped Contest Entry by LadyShinigami
:thumb78018405: see my lips? GT contest by verbyGRAPHY With a dog by IsaBella87
A Painter's Lollipop by Liamliayaum:thumb77618741: girltripped contest entry 4 by angelhitsground
Winter-GirltrippedContestEntry by natulcien-e Don't Die Wondering - Entry by yana182:thumb77699172:
Girltripped Contest Entry by colorin-productions Girltripped Contest Entry-Rob by RobHough:thumb77723717:
Gracie by Liamliayaum Secrets of the Forest by Liamliayaum:thumb77781054:
:thumb77816637: Girltripped Contest Entry by AkiAmeko:thumb77661572:
Girltripped Contest Entry by Anjali25 Phasmophobia-Contest Entry II by yana182 Girltripped Contest Entry 2 by AliceInUnderland
:thumb77906952: Girltripped - Best Wishes by sir-rudolph:thumb77815250:
Girltripped Contest Entry by letitbeatles Girltripped Contest Entry II by letitbeatles Girltripped Contest Entry III by letitbeatles
:thumb77979927: Seize the Day - GTContestEntry by Mental-Mishap Girltripped Contest Entry by bubblegumcandy16
echo by curtis46n2 Girltripped Contest Entry BA by jamesbaker1987 Girltripped Contest Entry NWAG by jamesbaker1987
Girltripped Contest Entry WINB by jamesbaker1987 Girltripped Contest Entry MUTB by jamesbaker1987 Girltripped Contest Entry TLMB by jamesbaker1987
:thumb77408649::thumb77403322: Girltripped Contest Entry by freyaddicted
Looking Glass GT Contest Entry by ebony-willow GirltrippedContestEntry.Icicle by ShayLee girltripped contest entry by AberrantAnomaly
Nenufar - Girltripped Contest by tiara-chan Suite Tart- GirltrippedEntry. by abovemichelle Girltripped Contest Entry by thottless
Girltripped Contest Entry by AliceInUnderland :thumb77355963: Anger by AndersonMathias
GirlTrippedContestEntry.Echoes by Broken666Dreamer GT Contest Entry 2- 'Stare' by VintageCherries Girltripped Contest Entry by dfhjhhlkj
:thumb77216172: Girltripped Contest Entry by icecreamuffin:thumb77275235:
my lip by willyamPax clouds by willyamPax:thumb77196955:
girltripped contest entry 3 by angelhitsground:thumb77183554::thumb77185874:
girltripped contest entry by man1nblack:thumb77133482::thumb77155848:
:thumb77068717: Girltripped Contest - Wave.... by Gerthel Girltripped Contest by lonegunmen
:thumb77013181: girltripped contest entry by IsaBella87:thumb77052236:
Girltripped contest entry by nafae Personal Space, GTContest by Coqui11379 girltripped contest entry-Emma by angelhitsground
Girltripped Contest Entry II by gtwy1420 GirltrippedContestEntry1.More? by Broken666Dreamer:thumb76834734:
:thumb76899760: Girltripped Contest Entry I by gtwy1420 girltripped contest entry by angelhitsground
:thumb76879737: Girltripped Contest Entry by wakeg Feathers by VintageCherries
oC Girltripped Contest Entry by leiana Girltripped Contest Entry by DarkLadyKaida:thumb76883819:

Mature Content

GirlTripped Contest Entry 2008 by eternityawaits
Entry 5...sorry guys xD by metalbunofice Girltripped Contest Entry Yay by Rocket-Friday
Girltripped Contest Entry 2 by EvanescenceGirl Entry 4 by metalbunofice More by Avanti666
Myu - LAST GT Contest Entry by ebony-willow:thumb76700735::thumb76615053:
Girltripped Contest Entry by kaoruscherryblossom:thumb76520850: Lost And Found GTContestEntry by ebony-willow
Girltripped Contest Entry by amigonenow Girltripped Contest Entry by EvanescenceGirl:thumb76371805:
Girltripped - Yes, Entry 3 - by metalbunofice Seizing the day: GCEntry by see-through-silence No One Came by Liamliayaum
GT - Contest Entry by glitterbugparty Ballerina Bus Stop- GT Contest by ebony-willow
:thumb76075058::thumb76075755: Girltripped Comp 3 -Entry 2- by metalbunofice
Girltripped Comp.Entry 3 by metalbunofice Heros breathe all the air: GCE by see-through-silence Buttercup by Liamliayaum

This Year, We Got Sponsored

Since it looks like we're going to be horribly busy over the next couple of days we've decided to start the fan-art contest a few days early. In case you've missed it in previous years, we hold this contest as a way to show off some of the traditional artists on DA, expose their work, have some fun, and in general bring the traditional artists together, since for some odd reason they seem constantly overlooked around here.

We're extra excited this year because Paul Friedman at Lensprotogo.com has decided to sponsor the contest. He's going to be donating some cool prizes, and we're super glad that he's decided to support us in such a awesome way. If any of you are in need of some photographic gear to rent we strongly suggest you get it from Paul, or take a look at his for sale page for some good deals, he's currently got a Canon 5D listed for under $1,700. He's an awesome guy, and deserves all the positive attention and business you can throw his way. Take a look below for the rules.


The Rules

WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO NOT ACCEPT YOUR SUBMISSION FOR ANY REASON, OR CHANGE THE RULES WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE (No, it's not if we just don't like it. For instance, if it's in question whether or not you followed the rules and didn't just photo-manip)

This contest is for new creations only. All entries must have been made AFTER January 27th, 2008.

Contest runs from January 28 to March 1st at midnight EST!

All submissions must be a traditional artform (vector, painting, digital painting, drawing) **based off one of our photos.** NO PHOTO MANIPULATIONS or photographs will be accepted. Let's say that again, NO PHOTO MANIPULATIONS or photographs (sorry)

You may submit as many entries as you'd like.

Creativity is encouraged... your traditional art piece does not have to be a direct replication of a photo of ours, you may make changes if you'd like (such as changing colors, backgrounds, etc), but we'd like all submissions to be recognizable as being inspired by one of our works. Or, you may make it as dead-on accurate as you'd like.

Except for the photos listed in the paragraph after this you may base your entry off any photo off our Girltripped page, our Myspace Page, our flickr or our webpage. Or, if you'd like to be even more creative, you may combine elements of multiple photos of ours into one piece.

Credit in the form of a link to our page girltripped.deviantart.com must be made in the description of the post. Also please include the words "Girltripped Contest Entry" in the title of the work.

Please send us a note with the link to the deviation when your entry is finished, so that we can favorite your entry and put it with the other entries. You may view the other entries so far by clicking on our favorites and the folder marked "FanArt entries".

This contest is open internationally, not just to those in the U.S.

The Prizes

Once again special thanks to Lensprotogo.com for sponsoring the contest this year. Paul has really stepped up and made it possible for us to give away the prints we're giving away this year.

You do not need to draw the photo you wish to receive as a prize for the contest this year, you can draw any. We'll get it shipped to ourselves, both sign it, and ship it out to the winners.

The first place winner will receive a photo of their choice off our Deviantart page in 24"x36" size, or smaller, depending on what file size we have available at about a $150 value.  Second place will receive a 16x20 or equivalent signed print from our gallery $100 value, and third place will receive a 10x15 of any photo in our gallery of their choice.

There's probably going to be some more cool prizes, and we encourage those of you who are able to to donate subscriptions to be given to people as honorable mention prizes. If you'd like to donate a prize this year or know someone else who would like to sponsor the contest please send us a note.

Non-related News

We have a huge project coming up on the 4th. I can't even begin to say how thrilled we are to have the opportunity to do what we're doing.

Also, at the end of February we're going to be back in the MA, NY, and the CT area, so if you'd like some work done, and are willing to pay us, send a note. We're going to be working with a model that a lot of you may have heard of. We're not going to be naming any names, but she's amazing. Also we're going to be teaming up with Karen Von Oppen again, yay us. :)

Alright guys, good luck, please support the fellow artists entering! Remember the contest ends on March 1st at 12:00 EST.

© 2008 - 2021 girltripped
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rckrantiboyband's avatar
wow! you've got alot of entries! fantastic work from all the people that entered!

:cake: happy birthday wolf!
bryanomatic's avatar
O no! Did I miss the entry date!
I thought it was march 2nd :(
eriju's avatar
Happy birthday to Wolf. Hope this year brings you as much goodness as the last did.
steffeni's avatar
happy birthday in advance, wolf!
we share the same birthday hehe =p
girltripped's avatar
happy birthday to you as well then!
steffeni's avatar
thank u =)
enjoy yours!
AberrantAnomaly's avatar
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOLF!!! Have a good one and cheers to another year!
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happy birthday, Wolf! :party::dance:
Lunar-Liaison's avatar
Happy birthday Wolf! I just turned 25 too :D
Matttowler's avatar
My entry's not up there?
girltripped's avatar
sorry about that! with over 100 entries it's easy to miss some :)
Matttowler's avatar
Had a feeling that was it. Happy Birthday! Good lord, you're only 25, and have done all this...
bryanomatic's avatar
I have my entry I just need my camera to take a pic of it! Wait for me!
KumikoEharu's avatar
I missed it again! I seem to catch the contest JUST as its about to end.


I'll have to try again next year!
mynti's avatar
Happy birthday dood :D It's fun looking at all the entries, thanks again for the contests you guys do, it's always a good time. :giggle:
Paula-McKagan's avatar
feliz cumple!!! ^^

(happy bd)
TTM77's avatar
Wow... that time of year again huh? LOL

:cake: Happy Birthday. :)
xxbabybat's avatar
I love you guys and all, but I am so very glad I'm not the one judging this contest. X_____x
I'm also looking forward to the new shots very much. =] Best wishes.
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dam cool entries there
turp's avatar
are you not putting up any more of the entries or just all tied up?
girltripped's avatar
we just just got back from driving from NYC, we'll be updating it today.
turp's avatar
well welcome back then :)
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