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girltails's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello and welcome to my Sonic fanart page!

I draw cartoon and video game characters, and am practicing digital painting/coloring. The world needs more cute cartoons!
I usually draw silly stuff, so be forewarned.

Sorry if I don't reply to your comments, I do try to read everything when I can though. <3

Frequently Asked Questions

"Can I color your art?" / "I want to re-draw your art!"
Sure! Just make sure to credit me. As long as you don't steal credit from me, I'll be fine.
Also you can share a link to it with me so I can check it out!

"Do you take requests?" / "Do you take commissions?"
Short answer: Kind of.  Long answer: Yes, but due to life and other things I might not be able to accept your commission/request.
If the idea is really cool/cute/etc, and I accept, it still might take a while to get to your request, I apologize in advance for this. Don't take it personally! :heart:
I'll open commission slots at some point once I figure out how that stuff works.

"Can you sign my petition..." / "Click this mystery link I refuse to describe!"
I can't keep up with random links in my comments, so the answer is no. Sorry!

"Do you roleplay?" / "RP?"
Only with close friends.

"What stuff do you do when not drawing?" / "Can I know personal thing X about you?"
I draw stuff other than fan art but I don't feel comfortable sharing it on here. I kinda like sharing silly stuff that seems to be hard to find online or otherwise isn't drawn often. I like silly, quirky, toony things.
I also make music sometimes.
I have to admit, I'm disabled so there's actually not too much I do outside of tinkering with music synthesizer type things or drawing. I like to read fiction/nonfiction stuff, and read/watch documentaries, biographies, or movies and stuff sometimes. I especially love cartoons and animated films. Games are fun sometimes too. I really like computer games, modern "retro" games like Sonic Mania and Horizon Chase Turbo, and my favorite game consoles are the Sega Genesis, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS.
I don't like to talk about personal things unless it's with close friends or I've known you for a good while. Sorry!

Stuff I use to make art:

Over the years people have asked me what I use to make art, whether it's just out of curiosity or to ask what I would recommend.
If you want to know more about what I've written about here, or you're curious about anything not covered, don't be afraid to ask!

I have to put a disclaimer for anyone who stumbles upon this:
Tools don't make the artist, you can use any tools to make art. I have used a lot of different pencils and programs since the 90s and basically only use what I know or what is comfortable for me. They may not work for everyone, or make someone a better artist.

My traditional tools:
Usually just a #2 or mechanical pencil, and for erasers I almost exclusively use Pink Pearl and Mars Plastic, though I sometimes use gum erasers. Sometimes I might use colored pencils but I haven't used them in a few years. I should try getting back into that!

I used to use a scanner to digitize my pencil drawings, but ever since it broke I got more and more used to using my mouse and a tablet instead. Since I took more time cleaning up the scans (some of my sketches are very scribbly!) than actually inking or coloring them back then, I kind of stopped scanning paper drawings to my computer altogether.

My digital tools:
A computer mouse (for vector art/inking, and usually for coloring), a simple Wacom Bamboo tablet (usually for sketching/drawing), and a Nintendo 3DS XL.
Also, I will sometimes use the arrow keys on my keyboard to do pixel art (this is how I started pixel art years ago, in an old DOS art program similar to Grafx2), but I haven't uploaded any of that stuff here as of this writing.

And of course, a computer! I mostly just use the family computer, but I also have a tiny inexpensive Raspberry Pi linux computer ($35 USD without a case!) I have hooked up to an old display monitor in my room. I doodle on that when not feeling well and my drawing tablet works fine for the most part. You don't need a super fancy computer unless you want to do 3D graphics. (I used to be way more into "gaming" computer stuff but after parts failing, losing data, and wasted money, I don't do that stuff so much any more.) It's also able to do web browsing and run Youtube so there's that too.

Software I use:

for pixel art, very rough sketching/doodling, or other digital art: Microsoft Paint, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7 (I do basic vector/inking stuff in this sometimes), and sometimes Grafx2 or Aseprite for pixel art (I need to make more pixel fan art to upload here!)

for regular sketching/doodling and inking or coloring: Clip Studio Paint (aka Manga Studio),
It's similar to Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai, I make traditional-ish looking stuff with it, though at some point I start doing inking and coloring with this, I'm still getting the hang of it and mostly got it when it was on sale at a really low price.
Another neat program that's free and I don't mind doodling in, is MyPaint! I use this mostly on my Raspberry Pi.

for animation doodles: on my computer I use EasyToon and/or Animation Shop Pro, on my 3DS I use Flipnote Studio (I haven't uploaded any of these as of writing this yet)

Some examples of what I use for my digital art:
These are doodled with Colors!3D on my 3DS:
chilled out by girltails  Yet another Tails doodle by girltails  Sonic heads by girltails  Girly Sonic doodle by girltails 
I try to limit myself to just the hard & soft brushes, and sometimes try to avoid using the eraser or the undo function. I avoid using layers unless it's to ink over a sketch or otherwise clean up a doodle. If I don't like the way they look after exporting to my PC for whatever reason, I can clean them up in Clip Studio or Paint Shop.

The reason why some of these are sketchy and some are not is because: the cleaner drawings are ones where I've either: used the zoom function on to clean up the lines, or used another program to ink/vector them. There's also some nice up-scale and/or de-noise filters that I may use, then manually touch them up afterwards sometimes. The rest are just doodles that are originally the size of a post-it note!
Avoiding using zoom can actually be a good idea, and I think anyone can benefit from doodling/sketching by avoiding focusing on small details. That, and fan art, helps me get out of artist block nearly every time.

In Clip Studio Paint / Manga Studio:
Sonic's new outfit (doodle) by girltails  

Mature Content

Unnamed character doodle by girltails
  Classic Rouge (doodle) by girltails  Tails practice (wip) by girltails 
This program allows me to rotate the digital canvas like a piece of paper, as well as copying and cutting/pasting, as well as other fun stuff to just get the "idea" of a sketch across. In the picture I drew where Sonic is in a silly outfit, I copied and mirrored the gloves and shoes to use as a reference for drawing the other half of each pair. If you haven't noticed, most of the art is very sketchy and experimental!

I've been meaning to use this more for general use, like for painting and more completed works. Here's an example of a more finished picture in Clip Studio.
Tails(ko) Got Caught! by girltails

In MSPaint:
-old art- Amy Rose by girltails  Christmas Purity by girltails 
Sometimes I just want to do a simple doodle or maybe even pixel art really fast. MSPaint, at least the version up until Windows Vista, was unforgiving in how minimalist and feature-less it was, and I've used it for years to just doodle without worrying about filters or layers or color. Spent so many hours in there when I was bored!

It's funny how almost all my art in MSPaint was more "complete" than most of my later doodles in more feature-filled software, as well as being colored almost every time. I guess most of it is due to nostalgia from having used it for years and years.

The default MSPaint color palette was notorious for being awful, but Vista and onward added a nice palette that I used as a base for a lot of my doodles (like for drawing puritylf4's character), and I still use it sometimes in Paint Shop Pro.

Paint Shop Pro 7:
Rouge speedpaint by girltails 
My other old art program! I use version 7 in specific not just because it's the only one I bothered to buy, but also because Jasc (the developer) was bought by Corel and changed up later versions in ways I couldn't work as quickly with.

I've also used Paint Shop to do doodles like the ones I used to do in MSPaint.
The other ones I do are usually like my Rouge speedpaint, which while I had fun making was actually a bit draining in terms of trying to figure out how light works. I'm sure I'll be able to do more as I study light/color stuff.


fox1a by girltails  fox1b by girltails  rig_example_2 by girltails
I'm still learning 3D stuff. Just have a few examples I made after following tutorials and looking through the user guide. The examples above are made with the ZSphere tool.
I also have used Sculptris, which is free to use, it lets you "sculpt" stuff in 3D, similar to the regular tools in ZBrush.


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