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:new:update from 20'


Your art must at least have one girl somewhere in it

:bulletorange:2 submissions per day per folder

:bulletred:NO characters which looks like animals but have a breast

:bulletred:NO characters which looks like animals even if they are girls

:bulletred:NO GORE etc works (in a hard way) please

:bulletgreen:YES anthro characters

:bulletgreen:YES mature artworks (but only SOFT mature like naked breast)

:bulletorange:Your literature submissions MUST have female characters

:bulletorange:FEATURED folder is CLOSED

:bulletorange:Watchers-Only deviations will be DECLINED! Cuz this open group for all

:bulletorange:Respect others work

:bulletorange:Do not use (steal) other peoples art work.
Like using characters, ideas, art, etc AS YOUR OWN
Fan art is allowed under the basis its YOUR ART.

:bulletorange:Anything thats 18+ (in a hard way) and NO FETISH ARTWORKs (in a hard way - like girl licks leg another girl) and ARTWORKs THAT IS PORNOGRAPHIC IN NATURE
Can't be approve because this is a group for ALL art to be able to be seen by others. So please don't submit things that are 18+ only

Notice what folder you submit to :)


Q: Why was my art declined?
There are many reasons your art may have been declined, if you would like an explanation
you are supposed to get on, if you feel it was not justified then you can personally contact:

Q: Why is this too vulgar, not "acceptable"?
Here we want people to be fairly comfortable with the art on display. Admins differ on
what they perceive as acceptable and unacceptable for the group.

Q: Can I be a co-founder/contributor?
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Do you accept all skill levels if they take it seriously and draw their best?
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Sure! The general thing - read our rules carefully please=D
Have a nice day!
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Thanks for the reply, I will do that again :D Have  a lovely day!