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Unfortunately it looks like I'm going to have to leave this group. The owner and moderators are completely absent, and so people (one person in particular) are able to submit images that have NO BUSINESS in this group, without repercussions. And DeviantArt will do nothing about it. So sad, there aren't many good nail design groups out there.
sorry put 5 of em in wrong group by mistake
I want to use a gold and teal over a glittery base coat and make it really cute,but I have no ideas. Any suggestions? These are the colors.[link]
They're all named after MJ songs I wanted to use them all to do a tribute to him for the 4th anniversary of his passing.Help.
I love the colour pallet! Maybe paint the pointer finger, the middle and the pinky finger all gold and doing a teal triangle starting from the base of the nail on top (Kind of like a triangular french tip if that helps :P ) and just reverse the colours for the thumb and ring accent fingers! :D just an idea xox

Check out this link and be safe...
I just joined a few weeks ago and submitted my nails a few times, but theyre all this group inactive right now?
Welcome in our group and thanks for submitting your nail art! This group isn't inactive right now. Even if we don't have enough time for making new contests, we still look through all the submissions. I think you've submitted your nail art in our "featured" folder, but actually this folder is for the winning entries of our contests only! Please just submit your nails into the right folder :) If it's not possible because of whatever, just write back and we'll try to fix it!