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Group Rules

- The main image has to be centered around a girl with a weapon

- Avoid submitting pictures that are overly graphic or explicit.

- It can be drawn, modeled, sculpted anything you want, as along as you YOU did, we don't want photos of figures you bought (unless you put them together yourself and painted them)

- Please please please SUBMIT YOUR ARTWORK INTO THE CORRECT FOLDER . Don't just submit it to featured, it will be denied.

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Group Info

The official title is Girls, Guns, Swords and Explosions I just couldn't finish it all in the title. The icons just a temp the real own will be done soon

Yes welcome to the group that celebrates exactly what it says! Were looking for the best image of sexy girls with weapons and explosions! To get an image excepted it must contain at least 2 of these elements.

For an image to be excepted into the Folder of "Pure Epic Awesome Action with Girls" the image has to be just pure awesomeness!

The rules are as such:

Rule #1. Folder placement.

If your girl is holding a sword she goes into the "Girls with Swords" folder

If your Girl is holding a Gun then it will go into the "Girls with Guns" Folder

If your Girl is causing, around or holding a weapon that will cause an explosion, then it will go into the "Girls with Explosions" Folder

If your your girl has lets say a Sword and Gun with an Explosion or is just great quality put it in the "Featured" Folder. (just remember I have the right to remove it, if I feel it doesn't belong lol hahaha Power)

If you KNOW that your image is just Action Epic then go for the "Smexy Epic Awesome Action with Girls" Folder ( Be warned though I'm going to be very picky on this folder I only want the best of the best in here)

Rule #2.

Q: Does the girl have to be holding the weapon?

A: No it just has to have two of these element in the image the weapon could be on the ground or lying next to them etc.

Rule #3 This group will NOT except 3D images that are not made entirely by the artist.

What this means is if you want to post a 3D girl image, then everything in the image has to be modeled, textured mapped and Bump mapped etc by the person posting the image. Poser, Second Life, WoW and any other 3d program that comes with character already made will not be excepted. I want the art work to be yours not just some model you got off the internet and posed here.

Ok that's the rules so far probably with more to come. I hope to get things rolling here quickly and have this group go Super as fast as I can. I also hope to get some contest going in the future so hang tight ok ttyl


...and always remember "All your Base are Belong to Us!"
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