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[commission] Princess Jenga

Princess Celestia

You three are heavy.....

We are open commission~~~!
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Runs for the oceans.
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All of em looks like they need some sleep, just sayin' :iconderpyshrugplz:
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Twilight: Ahhh... careful girls! We have to remain still.
Cadance: Don't worry Twilight. My aunt Celestia is very strong. She could handle us for hours.
Luna: You heard that sister?
Celestia: Y-yes.
L: Don't you like when your friends put so much confidence in you?
C: Y-yes, Luna.
L: Oh? You don't see to. Isn't that you who wanted us to be immortalized in a painting?
C: Y-yes. B-but that's not what I had in mind...
L: Oh! Stop complaining. You are fine. I have to raise my crown to Twilight for bringing such a fun and modern way of portraying.
C: L-luna?
L: Yes, sister?
C: D-despite what you think, you three a-are still heavy.
L: Sister! You? You are going to crumbled in front of them for three little ponies on your back?
C: Y-you are not lightweight, sister.
L: Hey! Are you implying I gained weight?
T: Uh, what you two are talking about?
L: Sister is implying that I gained weight!
Cad: Is that about the cakes I send her last month?
L: Cadance! Shh!
C: You send her what?!
L: Great. Well done Cadance.
Cad: Well... you said in your last letter that you planned to lose weight, so...
C: I did not! Luna!
L: Hey! Don't look at me! I don't sabotage your letters. Well, not anymore.
T: It can't be me! I planned ahead to lose weight for the painting. Didn't you all have received my memo?
L: Yes. And I laughed.
C: Yes. Why?
Cad: Oh! So that's you who sent it. I thought it was... *sigh* I'm so sorry aunt Celestia.
C: Cadance?
Cad: Uh, yes aunt Celestia?
C: You better send me those cakes as fast as you can. Because I will need them to regain the strength I'm losing here.
L: Don't be silly sister. I'm sure you can handle... Painter! How long do you need to finish?
Painter: Uh... t-two more hours your highness.
L: See? Not so long.
C: I swear Luna, once this is done I will... *gasp!* Oh no!
T: What? What is it?
C: It.... itches so bad! I need so baldy to scratch!
Cad: Ahhh! Stop!!!
L: Quick sister where? Where?!
C: Under my left wing!
T: Quick do something Luna or we'll fall!
L: Okay! There is that...
Celestia began to laugh.
C: S-stop tickling me Luna!
L: Sister! It was not my intention!
C: Higher. Hurry!
The white alicorn began to laugh again.
C: Haha.. I-I can'T hold any-
The painter saw them four fell on the ground.
P: Y-your majesties? Are you all right?
T: I'm fine.
Cad: Me either.
T: Luna? Are you okay?
L: Let me check to Celestia first. Sister? Are you all right?
C: No.
They three gasped.
T: Oh my gosh! Are you hurt?
C: No.
L: Then, what's wrong?
C: I'm hungry.
Cadance rolled her eyes, Twilight facehoofed and Luna glared at her older sibling.
C: What? I was holding you three! It sapped my energy.
Cad: But I thought you were strong enough to hold us.
C: Well, I can. But not on a empty stomach. Mister Nice Brush?
P: Uh, yes your majesty?
C: We are going to take an hour break if you may.
P: Oh! Of course. I'll be waiting here.
C: Thank you. Ladies? I have a special cake for the occasion in the tea room. I'll see you there.
Celestia cantered to the room.
T: W-what?
Cad: See? I told you she was strong.
L: Nay.
They both looked at her, confused.
L: When it's about cake, her power doubles. Once, despite being dead tired, she ran to the dining room like a young filly because she heard a double Mocha and chocolate cake was there. But she fell asleep once she ate it whole.
T: Wow!
Cad: So, it wasn't a rumor.
The three princess arrive to the dining room to find a white princess asleep on the table, her muzzled covered with cream.
L: See?
T: Oh. Uh...
Cad: What is it Twilight? I know it's not scene you expected to witness but...
T: No. That's not worries me.
Cad: Then, what?
T: *sigh* We are not going to finish the portrait today are we?
L: Twilight. Is that only matter of concern you have this instant?
T: Why, yes. It was hard to plan all this with all our tight schedules as princesses.
L: If this is the only one you have, I may have a solution.
T: Huh?
Luna trotted back to the painting room. Twilight and Cadance following her.
L: Mister Brush?
P: Yes, princess Luna?
L: Are in need of our presence for finishing this painting?
P: Why, yes. For the finishing details.
L: What about a copy?
P: P-pardon me?
Luna's horn glowed blue and a perfect copy of the four princesses in the planned pose appeared in front of him.
P: What the...
Cadance and Twilight were as surprised.
L: There. This is a spell that allow me to make a perfect illusion of ourselves. Will that satisfy your needs?
P: Uh... Yes. Yes, your majesty. But why haven't you...
Luna trotted in the direction back to the dinning room and passed the other two regal ponies who joined her.
T: What the... you could have done this all this time?
L: Oh! But I could from the beginning.
T: Then why now? Why not earlier today before Celestia collapsed?
L: It wouldn't not have been as fun.
Cad: Fun? What do you mean?
L: Nothing much. I just wanted to see how long my sister would lasts, that is all.
The two younger ones stopped in shocked.
L: What? My sister may have ate two cakes, but there are plenty more for us there. Come, I have an excellent herbal tea I wanted you both to try.

Awesome work. Hoping you enjoyed it.
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Cake is power,Cake is love
Cake is everything~~!

And thx your story XD
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My pleasure. I'm happy that you liked it. It took me approximately an hour to write. Having a favorite part?

Yeah. Cake is so good. As long as you make it well done and tastes good. But eating it won't make you slimmer.
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PC feel itches and hungry part
Why at this time XD
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The favorite part is
"Celestia feel itches and hungry"

Sorry for poor English 
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That's okay. I couldn't talk Thai myself without a translator.
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It's really awesome! <3
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If :iconheavyplz: come and jump wut would happen ?
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Hah poor Tia, she must "carry everything" :D
Amazing artwork, i really love your colouring technique
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Princess stack! Awesome
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Compared to the pony pyramid the Mane 6 pulled off for Ms. Harshwinny, this performance is pretty underwhelming. Come on, Princesses, get it together! :D
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That nicely shows who realy works in Equestria.
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hahaha poor Celestia xD
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Celestia's face makes the piece.
Who needs dignity when you're having fun?
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The Reg-Eiffel Tower... I don't know what I was trying to do with that. :P

When in doubt Celestia, Use your magic to lift your friends off you before Discord finds out and stacks more friends on you. :)
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Stack the ponies x3

Haha. Looks like Luna is paying her sister back for taking those photos. She's totally got that same grin on her face ^^

Meanwhile, Twi looks completely flabbergasted, and Cadance has a suspciously dull look in her eye. Hope she's mastered her wings in this piece xD

Nice job! :)
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Awesome! I just love Celestia's face xD
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