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Sunset Shimmer


"Need some fire?" 
We just want to draw Sunset Shimmer and practice some new technique

Sunset Shimmer is our favorites EQG Character
Hope you guys like this pic
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Fire magic would be so fitting for her!

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This looks so cool
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She is possibly my favorite from the series
The fringe around the top of the pants is a bit odd, but otherwise, this is a spectacular Sunset, and an amazing interpretation of her "Friendship Games" outfit.
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Beautiful work, the style mixes with her very well.
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WOOT! Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks that Sunset having Kyo Kusanagi's style is a great match! :3 Loving this already.
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King of Fighters vibe here. Kyo Kusinagi pose going here?
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It's beautiful artwork, but Sunset here is suffering from a classic case of twisted spine.
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Suits her quite well.
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This is badass and I dropped my jaw when I just looked at it. Well done. :)
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badass drawing be like xD
She reminds me a lot of K' from KOF, i loved your style, specially her hair
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OMG she looks super cool in your style! :heart:
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Love it.

For whatever reason, Sunset stands out the most to me in EQG. It's great seeing more art of her :)

The poses, clothes, and expression are great as always; but what stood out to me first was the pink/purple hue surrounding her. It adds a nice atmosphere ^^
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We want make she look very good at fire magic
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Reminded me of Starfire from Teen Titans for a second. Which I guess makes it twice as awesome.
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Her right eye looks way too wide, but other than that great drawing.
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