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[Practice] The end or The began....

12/21 will be the Luna day on EQD.
So we have Luna here.

We usually give some short story  to our pic.
Make viewer can feel the emotion....
But this time we want ask what you guys think about this pic.

Is Luna take the helmet off,come back from the nightmare moon?
Is Luna will put the helmet on,become the nightmare moon?

Is the all story end or began for you?
You may have your own story?

Hope you guys love this and consider support us

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Hot damn that ass dough
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It's really cute! <3
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You're welcome! ^^
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It's Luna submitting to the Nightmare again.
She knows exactly what's happening. The pain she could inflict. There's no idle curiosity or temptation in her expression. But why?
Because she needs the power. Who knows what kind of monster is just out of frame or beyond the walls? She's chosen a lesser evil.
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That's true NMM is really powerful.
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You're welcome!
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