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[Practice] Spike the Hero




Who say the small one can't do anything? 
You will regret!!

We already have a badass Ember,How about a hero Spike,now?

We like Spike with a small body,it's his characteristic.
But small is not mean useless...the Spike can be anything even a hero

Hope you guys like this idea~ 
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I'm no Spike-hater, but I need to inform you that Spike can't be a hero or anything because some episodes where Spike was meant to- uh, I mean, tried to shine turned out as total train-wrecks.

In Equestria Games, Spike unabashedly stole every credit for himself despite all hard work the others had done with all effort. The rest of Mane Six - who kept all the Crystal Ponies entertained - got no credit. Cadance - who provided a shield all over the Crystal Empire since King Sombra's arrival - got no credit. Shining Armor - who saved both Spike and the Crystal Heart from their fall - got no credit. Twilight - who figured out where the Crystal Heart was, found the hidden passage to it, made it all the way up to the top with her up-side-down magic, then risked herself failing Celestia's test for the Crystal Empire's sake by forcing Spike to deliver the Crystal Heart - got no credit. Spike got all credit for only running a short distance until he clumsily tripped over and almost shattered the Crystal Heart. Later on, during the games, no one came up with a contingency plan for such a threat of a "giant," jagged ice-block, which wasn't even big enough to crush the entire stadium. This "magic-disabling" spell was meant to prevent all the unicorn-specators and the unicorn-competitors from cheating, but the head of security thought it'd be a good idea to have Equestria's officials' and Equestria's princesses' magic disabled, as well, as if we're supposed to believe that they'd be profoundly stupid enough to cheat themselves. Everyone else could've taken care of the whole situation if only the conflict wasn't so arbitrarily restricted and the episode not giving Spike the spotlight.

That's the crux of the problem with Spike-episodes. Every other character must get dragged down if you want Spike to shine at all, which is what they were going for in other similar episodes, such as Gauntlet of Fire and Times There Were a Changeling.

In Gauntlet of Fire, Spike got another chance to shine by preventing a couple of teenage dragons from... stealing the ponies' beds since they only thought it wasn't fair that the dragons had to sleep on rocks. Garble, however, wants revenge on the ponies for "crossing" him... without explaining why/how. Why/how did the ponies cross Garble? That's a question that can't be answered, which sure is awkward. The dragon lord, Torch, and his daughter, Ember, got introduced, but hasn't ever been seen or mentioned before. Torch and Ember weren't introduced because the writers simply thought it'd be fun to add more characters, they were only introduced for the episode's sake. I mean, think about it, if Ember didn't appear, then who would take Spike's place as the new dragon lord so he could stay with Twilight, where all the other colorful, talking ponies lives? Instead of simply handing the sceptre over to Ember, Torch organizes a race for all the other dragons compete, win the sceptre, and become the new dragon lord. Also, think about this, Ember isn't profoundly stupid enough to attack the ponies to steal their beds or for "crossing" her. Neither Twilight nor Rarity could fight the teenage dragons and were like: "Please! Don't die us!", even though they've already fought other foes, such as the Changelings in Cantelot Wedding, for instance. All dragons can do is to breathe fire and fly, they don't have any magical abilities or anything, by the way.

In Times There Were a Changeling, Spike was the only who thought that befriending that Changeling was the right thing to do, while everyone else was like: "Nah! That Changeling must die!" Spike was the naive fool while everyone else were the unreasonable fools.

So... yeah, now you see that Spike can't be a hero or anything because you need to drag everyone else down, and these are some of the episodes where that happened.

This may or may not be true, and no offense, but I find it evident that the Spike-fandom is all about using Spike as a self-insertion to live in a world full of colorful, talking ponies vicariously by imagining themselves in his place and do things, like "saving" the Crystal Empire, for instance. But, of course, Spike-abuse was the problem because, you know, the Spike-fans sure wouldn't like to see themselves get abused, like in Princess Spike.