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[Practice] Reborn


"Some time...I just need a light.

It's a quick practice for our 
favorites EQG Character XD 
We try draw this without line sketch.

It's really fun to try new skill

Hope you guys like this pic

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What sets can rise again.

From the ashes of past sins, a phoenix rises to begin anew.

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when i read Reborn i thought of the anime lol. 
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This looks absolutely stunning! :wow: You must teach me your ways! :stare:
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Truly is the trunaround for her character at this point in time
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Absolutely beautiful. I'm not sure how to describe it but there's something in your art that makes it...inspirational and I love it very much
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A beautiful phoenix.
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So beautiful and amazing!

Also, dem legs.
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Rise and rise again ever brighter then before.
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And this just became my phone's background <3... (if you don't mind)

Great art, great character... I just love everything in it.
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Just use it!
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Epic! All of it!
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