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[Practice] Ember


"Sweater? I more love this."
Yup Ember this time.

At first we want draw the sweater meme...
But somehow it's become this XD 

Anyway....we love this outfit
And hope you guy like it and consider support us

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Sexy and beautiful
qar's avatar
Spike nose bleed icon when i see dat bae :iconmnrrapeplz:  Nice.
PoPaul's avatar
Just when I thought there couldn't be such a thing as "too good" this picture comes around and challenges that notion.

11/10 would buy a print of
TheShadowscale's avatar
I want this on my wall in the largest possible print XD
girlsay's avatar
Do it!!
TheShadowscale's avatar
are you vending at any conventions in the US this year? I'd love to buy a print.
Bellumsaur's avatar
Such a lovely form this dragoness has. :love:
PBJArts's avatar
That's one nice dragonness. ;3
AnimatedForLife's avatar
This is one of your best pieces yet! Amazing job on Ember ^^
FreezeViper's avatar
Practice? This is a masterpiece!
kraigevampire's avatar
Tsundere dragon princess - NICE!!!Michael Rosen Nice Emote 
ForzaNinetails's avatar
Oh man... Listen -- this is actually just beautiful. Wonderful work. I love your coloring. I always have. Sorry I've messed the last few livestreams.
blewfire's avatar
Lovely as always.  I like the use off red to set off the blues.  I am conflicted on the breast.  I like them but I also don't think they fit either.  The reason is probably me because I am more a purest and less anthro in my personal taste.  
girlsay's avatar
Don't worry everyone can have different personal taste.
aqdrobert's avatar
Found your Ember on EQD! Now WATCHING!
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