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[Practice] Dragon allied

"Let's help the pony!"
"Let's help our friends!"
When dragons are your allied,you will never fall.

Yup~Spike again!!
And Now with Ember and all the dragons.
Even Gummy is here, Equestria will safe this time.

Don't underestimate Gummy.
He is a Sage
He maybe is the wisest dragons in our AU.
(Assume he is the"dragons"  XD)

It's the same AU with

[Practice] Won't stop by girlsay  [Art trade]Steel Heart by girlsay  [Practice] Spike the Hero by girlsay  [Practice] Ember by girlsay 

Hope you guy like it and consider support us
and this pic is for "
Spike day" on EQD.

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This is awesome. but I don't see how Gummy fits in to all this. Emoticon: Light Bulb (Flash)  Oh! Wait!.... Emoticon: Light Bulb (On)  comedy relief. I get it now.
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"I have viderstood countless battles, waing for ones arrival."
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Great work ! :nod:

Very Majestic style here
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During an adventure with Garble they start to notice contrasting aspects to his personality as opposed to their previous encounters with him

Ember- Hmmmm...Garble!

Garble- Groan.....Yes! Boss lady!

Ember- Arm wrestle!

Garble- WHAT?!?

Ember- Arm Wrestle!

They Arm wrestle...

Ember- You're Holding Back!

Garble- I am NOT!

Ember- YES YOU ARE! Oh...Sucker punch and humiliation nothing! You LET Me win!
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One word: EPIC!!
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The captain, his queen, and the court jester.
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That Gummy is magnificent :D
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He say "thanks"...maybe?
They all look cool as heck.
Ya can't beat da ranch army, Spikey Wikey! Bird up!!
*stands with an army of Eric Andres and Hannibal Buresses*
We'll have a musical over their graves in da quuaaaad!!
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The king, the queen and the royal counselor.

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But we love SP and RR ship XD
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All of the pictures of this series look so epic!
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You know there's a good chance Garble change his ways come next season
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Hope so~~
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I do have several pictures of him as a good guy
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Spike- Easy Garb...

Garble- EASY?!!? Spike you seen that  Guy! We gotta hit him hard before he hit's us harder!

Ember- Garb. Our approach has to be careful.

Garble- GIRL Careful?? You've seen that guy! Ol' Bull Butt's gonna be looking for major payback! I'm more than willing to save Twilight and the ponies But we gotta show ol' Tirek what it's like to mess with Dragons
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