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[Commission]Starlight Vigor

Starlight Vigor

"your guilt will be remitted,my king.....
once we send you to the great lord of judgement"

She is an OC form
And she is living in the Equestria just founding

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Stunning! Amazing style!
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Sexy and cute!
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wonderFULL and powerFULL
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The detail...the color...the everything! I LOVE IT!!!
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The hair looks so good, and it IS way too awesome. <3
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What a cool looking character. Looks great in your style :D
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As always, lovely work from you <3
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How much was this commission? I might have to get one these myself
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Please see our Jourum
But c
ommissions is close no slot there now,sorry

Please wait next time~
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i cant thank you enough for this,this is just waaaaaay too awesome <3
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We are glad you like it XD
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