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[Commission] Destiny Aurora

Destiny Aurora

"There are always have a new relic,I can explore!!"

She is an OC form SallyLapone
Her name is Destiny Aurora a relic hunter
So...we put some story on BG like an ancient mural
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I've wondered why you don't clean up your underlying sketch lines, but it somehow looks better having them. It's strange, I can't even imagine it looking any different.. it somehow gives it a unique look too.
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Thanks you like it
Basically that is our style
We usually use 1~2 layer in hole painting process
So that "underlying sketch" is in the same layer XD
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^.^ I especially love your style of anatomy. 
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This is so gorgeous oh my god <3 <3
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We are glad you like it XD
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Oh my, I love this pose and the background detail! She looks absolutely adorable, yet elegant <3
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Thanks~She is a relic hunter so we make her with a really dynamic pose 
And we think you need to sleep
(2:00 AM in Germany right? XD)
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Sleep is for the weak! X'D
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We are so weak!! 
(Streaming now)
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