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[Art trade]Steel Heart


"I will not give up...I'm coming for you Rarity!"
It's a art trade we did on stream.
loyal fans draw our OC (or logo XD)
Tumblr Ocmjtwxk091uvosgdo1 540 by girlsay 

And want a spike back,it's give us a chance to draw hero Spike,again.

So here he come~
A Hero Spike,come for his lover.

Hope you guys like this pic~

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"Steel is my body and fire is my blood"
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If only this site would let me heart comments... 
Oh my gosh! So this art trade describes Spike the Dragon as the Brave and Glorious with armor and a sword. That looks so epic!
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gotta say, this is nothing short of amazing
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The only thing distracting me from loving this great picture is that heart charm. I'm confused as to what it's attached to? The shield? It's coming at a weird angle. Is it attached by a ring or something?
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This is how the crystal ponies see him x)
Well, I really like this one 
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he will protect his maiden.
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Spike the Draconarius.
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Spike looks really cool!! great work :D!
you need to make more pics of armored spike. he's so awesome!
It shows the Fire Ruby and the Diamonds, but I can't help but to imagine that Spike is the Captain of Twilight's Royal Guard. Maybe Rarity gave that back to him as a good luck charm.

I just love the idea of Spike being a Badass and Twilight hating it because he puts himself in danger. The very same reason Spike is doing it, he hates to see Twilight, and the other girls, putting themselves in danger. Later on, they compromise and team up and are the best duo in Equestria.
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Wow. That is so badass.
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Yes! Spike needs a badass moment in the show some time, this is awesome!
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Finally some badass young spike
This is just stunning!
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SPike turned into a demoknight !!!! I must help him !
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Epic Spike is epic.

Awesome work
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The fandom is dead they said, while i was smiling quietly in my sit.
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