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[Art trade]Cloudchaser


"Come on,follow me!"
It's a Art trade for our friend AquaticSun  :iconaquaticsun:
We do this on Picarto multi-stream with him,yesterday
And It was a really good and funny time 

We even find our theme song XD…

AquaticSun  draw our  favorite ponies for us!
Go to check it out…

Thanks,again AquaticSun  !Brohoof!

Hope you guy like this~ 

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Girlsay this is SUPER EPPIICCC :D
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I can NOT have enough of your work it's like it's own little galaxy everytime it's wonderful to witness ^^ I wish I was someone you admired so this would make you happy to hear. Keep it up :)
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We will keep going!
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Look so cute!!!!!
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Wow. Phenomenal on Cloudchaser ^^

The proportions, pose, and coloring are amazingly done.

And I love the atmosphere you've created here. Petals scattering like embers through the night air as the wind whirls around from their flight there.
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Wow! That's quite something!
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That's one majestic Cloudchaser :D
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The cloud to butt chrome extension made this much better.
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