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This is a group devoted to women with swords, it's as simple as that.

Join us and feed our unquenchable hunger for Girls with Swords!

Got a girl with a sword in the picture? Send it in. Also accepted - Girls with Metal Pointy things that cut or stab!

There is at the moment a single working admin, and no founder. Please do not submit more than 5-10 items at a time to avoid swamping the inbox.

Note that we are no longer accepting:

- Porn or pornographic content (includes linking offsite to porn and written descriptions of sex acts or sexualized violence).

- Images that break deviant Art's content rules

- Images without any kind of bladed or pointed weapon visible - that means no guns as the only weapon (excluding gunblades and bayonets, that sort of deal)

And that we have a three strikes you're out rule regarding breaking submission rules.
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May 8, 2010


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1,271 Members
1,602 Watchers
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Kassandra by Aphrodite-NS
Lady Death and Shi by Lucci by Pendecon

Mature Content

Arayanna Fire by PrentilStudios
Commission - Darth Serafall by Aphrodite-NS

Mature Content

Virtues of Spring 001 by shackdaddy1969

Mature Content

Guardian Angel 001 by shackdaddy1969

Mature Content

Don't Fear The Reaper 001 by shackdaddy1969
Trina - Flying by night by mysticx1
Armor - Functional
Jordan Fenix by Butterfrog by Montalve
Fire Emblem Isadora of Pherae by Meibatsu
Tomoe Gozen by Samael1103
The Green Knight by Door3Designs
Armor - Revealing
SQ anime Cast05 by NewPerspectiveComics
Romance Mental Valkyries by quamp
Brighter than Red by AnnaSelena
Princess Olesia (OC Fanart) by TypeSly
Big Swords
White by Aphrodite-NS
Raging Runa [Commission] by JanRockitnik
Flora Claymore by alexeyvart
Chinese sword girl by kkr682
Comics and Such
Wonder Woman // Bridge Over Troubled Water by Zulubean
Wonder Woman fights the Coronavirus Pandemia by DahriAlGhul
Psylocke - The Silent Assassin by TypeSly
Princess of The Amazons // Wonder Woman by Zulubean
Crazy Swords
Blackrazor by Vandalicus

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Wielder of the Ebony Blade (of Mephala) by IndigoMystiere

Mature Content

Bloodfury by JanRockitnik
.: Commission : SAO Superheroes :. by Sincity2100
Energy Swords
Chonra by Aphrodite-NS
Azradite by Aphrodite-NS
Avar Kriss - High Republic by Aphrodite-NS
Keeve Trennis - High Republic by Aphrodite-NS
Paladin by Vandalicus

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Necromancer decapitated by Nowan Mystiere by IndigoMystiere
Top Heavy Swordswoman _ Nowan Mystiere _ 9 by IndigoMystiere

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A splitting headache by IndigoMystiere
General Swords
Commission: Cirri by Aphrodite-NS
Commission - Cirri by Aphrodite-NS
Kassandra 2.0 by Aphrodite-NS
Rukia by Z3ros
Ninja Girl?
Chi Dragon Warrior of Gold 2020 by Lisa22882
Other Pointy Things

Mature Content

Artemisa vs Jayla by psicoero by Cityhunter77
Photography And Such
The Sword Woman by Uruk1
Pirate Girl?
Raider in the Snow - PG by PrentilStudios
Sketches and unfinished
SQ anime Cast04 by NewPerspectiveComics
Hey guys! Hope you're all doing well. :iconrococospade: here. Sorry for the recent number of expired submissions; computer stuff is now my day job so it's considerably harder to convince myself to do more computer stuff in my off hours, to be blunt.
I am going through and trying to resubmit items which match the group's criteria. And there's a lot of cool stuff waiting in there to be displayed, which is exciting for me and I hope for anyone reading this, also!
However a fraction of the expired deviations... would have been declined if they hadn't expired, as they do not meet submission guidelines for this group. For those deviations I've left them expired and have not commented on their submission process. If you are concerned about an image that you submitted, please check the list below!

Group Rules, just as a reminder:
:bulletblue: The image must contain both a woman/girl/femme-identifying person and a bladed weapon. We do not accept guns (well, I'll accept bayonets), bats, or unbladed polearms. We do not accept pictures of women without weapons. Please stop sending them to us. If you must, submit them to the group favorites folder.
:bulletblue: We do not accept submissions that violate DeviantArt's guidelines. That means no hate speech, no explicit sexual content or depictions of genitalia, bodily fluids, actual images of self harm or so on.
:bulletblue: We do not accept censored versions of the above listed works. If I can tell that the image used to be two characters having sex, I'm going to decline it. Do not link to explicit versions of your works in the artist comments. It's against site rules. There is a time and a place and this is neither.
:bulletblue: Please tag your mature content as such. We haven't had a problem with that lately, but since I'm writing the rest of this out...
:bulletblue: Lastly, a huge sorry to the people whose items sat in the queue long enough that I'm now hunting through the group logs to find them. You're welcome to resubmit those provided they meet group criteria.

Thanks guys! And thank you for sticking with the group. I look forward to seeing your future submissions: keep making awesome art, and that you have a happy and safe winter!

As a final and unrelated note, a question for group members: I have been considering dividing out our armored folder into two folders - chain-mail/plate-mail bikinis, and standard armor. Is that something you would appreciate? I know I personally don't like sorting through the bikini armor, but obviously a lot of people DO like that, so...
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Under Heaven's Shadow by scarypet
Mature content
Under Heaven's Shadow :iconscarypet:scarypet 1,281 199
Deadly Grace by badcorellian Deadly Grace :iconbadcorellian:badcorellian 11 5 Vampire Slayer by ValentinaKallias Vampire Slayer :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 9,202 0 Claudia Demona III by vutvut Claudia Demona III :iconvutvut:vutvut 39 26 couv 0 st by PierreDave85 couv 0 st :iconpierredave85:PierreDave85 2 0 World Justice, cover 1.1 by amazon-of-arcadia World Justice, cover 1.1 :iconamazon-of-arcadia:amazon-of-arcadia 3 10 Psylocke Colors by alvinsanity Psylocke Colors :iconalvinsanity:alvinsanity 265 51 Sherwood Motley: Skarlet by WoodWose Sherwood Motley: Skarlet :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 4 8 I M Sabre by WoodWose I M Sabre :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 3 4 Tarot, 2 of swords by WoodWose Tarot, 2 of swords :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 16 3 Tarot, 3 of Swords by WoodWose Tarot, 3 of Swords :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 2 1 Sabre by WoodWose Sabre :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 2 0 Lady Winterborn by WoodWose Lady Winterborn :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 9 6 Tarot, the Princess of Swords by WoodWose Tarot, the Princess of Swords :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 2 1 Tarot, Queen of swords by WoodWose Tarot, Queen of swords :iconwoodwose:WoodWose 2 0 GRRR... by SaphireNishi
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GRRR... :iconsaphirenishi:SaphireNishi 592 94


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