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We are Phil and Kaja Foglio, a married couple (Phil's pronouns: He/Him, Kaja's Pronouns: She/Her) living in Seattle, WA, in the USA. We have been active in SF and Comics for a very long time, with a combination of traditional and self-publishing. Girl Genius has been our main focus for the last 20+ years, with the characters featured in comic collections, games and novels.

Current Residence: Seattle

Ok–I should start out by saying that this really isn't the best place to try to reach us, because I'm not great at checking external social media inboxes. If you have a customer service issue that needs attention, please use That way, our helper Chris will see it and we can take care of whatever it is you need. If you would like to be notified when our next Kickstarter campaign goes live (we're doing early-bird specials this time!) sign up at NOW for the REAL UPDATE: I've begun to upload the Girl Genius comic series, starting with page 1! For those of you who have just found us, we used to use our DeviantArt page as a sort of backup. This was back when the main page occasionally crashed due to either too much traffic or server shenanigans. This meant that the DA site had a few years worth of the middle of the comic just sitting here, and that wasn't really optimal. The main web site doesn't really crash any more, so I thought a
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I've hit volume 2, time to readjust some things. As most of you know, this is very old work. Girl Genius Volume One was originally printed in black and white, and only went to color much later when we had our current color artist Cheyenne Wright go back and put colors in. Volume One was also inked by the magnificent Brian Snoddy of Magic the Gathering fame (among other things.) With Volume two, we moved to color, with no inks, and the colors were provided by esteemed comic book color artist Mark Mc Nabb. For the Volume Two cover, however, I (Kaja) did the colors myself. Phil did the inks. I've recently run into an interesting problem, Adobe Illustrator has outlived my type 1 lettering font (Comicrazy by Comicraft, if anyone is interested.) I'm now faced with a missing font in every one of the hundreds of Girl Genius comic page files. Fortunately I can replace it with the Open Type version of comiccrazy, but I'm having to do it page by page because I haven't yet hit on an
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Oh noooo! I continue to be bad at the Internet. I'm so sorry I fell off the update train, sometimes I feel like it's all I can do to keep things going on our main page, which is itself a crumbling mansion falling down around my ears. But I've got myself a new calendar made of paper and everything, and am trying to use it to keep track of how much I have front-loaded here (and a few other places). Let's see if the new system works! For anyone who is still paying attention, thank you! I'll try to do better! Yes, I've been saying that for thirty or so years, but maybe this time I'll find the magic way to do it. Yeah. --Kaja
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Recognized the art style and immediately clicked Watch

You're here? :D Delightful!

You are awesome.

I loved your work on Stanley & His Monster.


That's really cool to see you here again! :happybounce:

Happy 20th Anniversary! On this day, two decades ago, the first page of Girl Genius was uploaded to the website.

Will the series continue to be uploaded here?