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Bottom Heavy Samus

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this is a new image to replace the old one, that i have been procrastinating the creation of for way too dang long. it's now been made

this is a mod for brawl. if you don't know how to mod brawl, go find out how to mod in project m, and then put this in the szerosuit folder and hope for the best.

model from sjs or something i think. sorry 4 making ur model fat or something, i think

download is the download icon


original, overly verbose post. says a lot of nothing:


Looks like someone's been snacking too much during her off-season!

A mod for Super Smash Brothers Brawl that's been sitting on my computer for way too freakin' long, so I decided to release it.
Some of her animations clip through her body, especially her idles, but I'm not an animator. I also have a hunch BrawlBox isn't the best animation program.

This is just a vertex hack... of model edit/swap. Unfortunately, it's been so long I don't remember what pack I got this one from.
I think it was from one made by SJS.  I think. I don't even know which one. Definitely from Brawl Vault.

Her overall body would be more rotund and smoother, but you can only do so much with just BrawlBox and no knowledge of how to use Blender ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.            

Download it by using the download button you may or may not have noticed in the top right corner of this page, don't forget to unzip them either.

I load my mods by replacing Project M files, so you can do that too. Or read some guide somewhere else on loading them.
On that note, I only tested with the SD card method and Project M so I can't troubleshoot anything else.

Also no in-game screenshots because I'm lazy / the trial of the program you need use install it and to play it with Dolphin expired. You can have a sweet BrawlBox pic and a thing I drew real fast tho. I tested it on hardware a long time ago, so it should work anyways.

If the people who made the original want me to take this down I will.
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Love this!
Could you do a chubby Krystal over ZZS Samus or Peach too? 
I have the fighter files for her Adventures and Assault costumes
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I haven't done in Brawl mods in a long time, I barely remember how to make something that looks good with Brawlbox.
Maybe one day I'll make more
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Plan on making more?
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I would if I could. The dresses on the other girls in Brawl are really hard to work with.
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Well then maybe remove them and put them in your own oufits.