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LWS Prologue pg 7


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I'm getting to the end DANG IT! *update*


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LWS Prologue pg 7

LWS Prolouge

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Light within Shadow pg28 *U*


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Legend of Zelda Fan Fic pg.89

Ocarina of time- Fan Edition

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Death's my Company pg8


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Watch out razors


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Snow Day Strip

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Lyas trade

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I'm getting to the end DANG IT! *update*


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sleeping puppy

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Serperior sculpt


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Lanis Commish


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Art Vs Artist Meme


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Jack hand Bag design

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Fright House Day 3

DAY 3 The weather forecast said sunny skies all day today…Greeted by cloudy skies and wind on my way to school this morning…freaking weather channel. Other then the weather I had bigger things to worry about, Math Class + Morning = FAIL. Why the hell do I need to know at what time Train A will collide with Train B and blah blah blah. Despite the drop dead boring class it doesn't help that I didn't sleep at all last night after hearing the word "MURDER" on my tape recorder. In fact I'm actually questioning my own sanity right now. I was going to show my friends the video and recording of the house but when I went to listen to it


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random talking avatar is random

animation stuff

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light within shadow pg3


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