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Otaku: Sailor Hebe by girlcanrock Otaku: Sailor Hebe by girlcanrock
Voila, the new and improved Sailor Hebe!

Since she waited so long for an 'upgrade'. I decide to give her a new form - Super Sailor Hebe - and a new fuku to go with it! Sailor Hebe was originally designed for a contest/challenge :iconsakky-attack: ran in March 2009, and I finally got around to sitting down and redesigning.

Very few carriers of the Hebe Sailor Crystal ever make it to Super phase, as they die quite young. This incarnation of Sailor Hebe is roughly 12/13 years old, which is the older end of the spectrum for a senshi from her planet.

Sailor Hebe is also always the Princess of the planet, whether she is related to the royal family or not, and is considered sacred. When Galaxia attacked Hebe, she was hidden away as the people of the planet believe the health of the planet is directly linked to the Sailor Crystal. Galaxia still found her and stole her crystal, as she is not a particularly strong senshi.

I tried to keep all ten steps with the redesign:

* A Throwing Weapon: Formerly a boomerang, now a wand - the silver end comes away from the wand and turns into a bladed-frisbee type of weapon.

* Something Neon Pink: The streaks in her hair and her eyes.

* the letter H: Sailor Hebe - named for the goddess of youth in Greek mythology, Sailor Hebe is always a child and very few ever made it out of their teens.

* Something Related to Cats: The people of Hebe are shadeshifters and Sailor Hebe's secondary form is a cat, represented by her cat-collar, which she wears in all forms.

* Something with Three Layers: Formerly her skirt. Her dress - there is the outer section in cream, with the purple bands, the light purple dress underneath and the white layer underneath (you can see the lacy hem).

* A Wing: Formerly a singular wing on her right odango, but now she's upgraded, she has the pair (and is very proud of that fact)

* 1950's pop culture: Previously her mask and collar. Still her mask and collar, I just left the mask out of this image.

* Two Colors in Her Hair: Blonde and pink

* Something Related to Food: the cherries on her tiara symbolize her planet's main export.

* A Reference to Sailor Astera: Her back-bow is the same three-petal style as Astera with a stylized version of Astera's brooch clasped in the middle.

Ta-da! She's been added to my current herd of Otaku Senshi because she's so cute! And her story won't leave me alone :p But she needs a name! I can't think of a good one. I think the society of Hebe leans more towards Grecian than Japanese, so I'm going to have to dig through some Greek girls names!

I'm positively in love with this new version of her - everything about her is better, from the shape of her head and her anatomy, to the colouring and design (finally, I drew a weapon that doesn't look hilariously lopsided x_x)

Next redesign will be Sailor Sun :hearts:

Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi
Sailor Hebe belongs to me
Background texture belongs to :iconrinie87:
Materials used: markers, Photoshop
greenfieldnews Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011
Oh man. She;s so cute and orginal. I would love to hear more about her story.
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June 28, 2010
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