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Spike MMD Model

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Here's Spike! Not very fancy, but Spike himself isn't that fancy either. I like the eyes, it's just that little thing that says that he isn't a pony, since the models are human, for the not-pony characters I'll put little touches to show that. For Spike, his eyes, for Chrysalis, you might notice she still has her jagged horn, although it's a bit hard to see from some angles as it is the same color as the crown and blends in.
The hair was a bit tricky, because I didn't want to do a Mohawk just because all a dragon has is a row of fins. Also, Spike has those little ear-fins (that are so cute <3) in a slightly light shade. So, I decided to do the back darker and the bangs lighter.

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downloaded and faved thank you he's awesome:D
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Just downloaded Spike! Can't wait to see him dance!
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your really good at making these characters. i will download all them
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•Spike answers the door to see a mailstallion with a package*
•Mailstaillion: Are you Mister Spykoran Thaddeus Dragonowitz?*
•Spike: Yes.
•Mailstallion: Here's your gem order. 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 fresh diamonds.
•Spike: Thank you, sir.
•Mailstallion: Sign here, here, here, here, & here.
•After Spike signs, the mailstallion leaves
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thats so many jems i dont how to say it
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His last name is a reference to Pony.Mov
BadeTeto's avatar
(face palm) i was talking about the number of gems not his last name... -_-
human-groveback's avatar
I know that, I was trying to think of a random number & that was what I came up with. I was just explaining another joke.
BadeTeto's avatar
oh....i dont get it O.O
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There's a series on YouTube called Pony.MOV. Basically, imagine if John Kricfalusi (the creator of The Ren & Stimpy Ahow) did My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In that web show's interpretation of the FIM-Verse, Spike's full name is "Spike T. Dragonowitz". I basically worked off of that. "Spike" being short for "Spykoran" is a reference to the G1 My Little Pony/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover fan-fiction The Elements of Harmony & the Savior of Worlds, where the author's interpretation of an adult version of G1 Spike (the story involves Megan Richards from G1 returning, & the events of G1 My Little Pony take place in Equestria's distant past due to time progressing faster in the MLP-verse than it does on Earth) is now known as "Spykoran the Old". The "T" standing for "Thaddeus" is a reference to the movie Hellboy, where the Token Human's name is "Jonathan Thaddeus Myers".
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oh, now i get it
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Yay, he's a kid in MMD :3
GirlAnimePrincess's avatar
Well of course! He is a BABY Dragon, and seems to be around 12-13 in maturity and stuff, so that's what I made him.
Of course the fact that I simply had a len base sitting in my folder has nothing to do with it >.>
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Well, I'm actually happy with that - sorry to sound surprised :3
But if he's baby he should be 7-8?*brick'd* By his voice... I'd better not going into this stuff... without fandom lore enoughto say so
He looks a little grownup, bu-u-ut it fits him so nice! :3 I could imagine episode with him then he was pet-sitting in season 3 and having problems =D
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