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My inked version of Jeremy Dale's pencils, (thumbnail below) since he urged anyone interested to have a go at inking or colouring his piece. So I have.
I've taken quite a few liberties and changed a few things, and I hope he doesn't mind. It is in no way a comment or insult of any kind, I assure you.

I've never inked anything before, not really, so this was super fun. Critiques are welcome.

Also my first time drawing Mr. Darvill, who I adore. Hope I did 'the Nose' justice.

If you'd like to colour this one, you have my full permission to GO FOR IT. Hit 'download' to get the PSD, but if you try to pass off my inks as your own I WILL hate you forever. I'm trusting you, and my signature (and Jeremy's name) must be kept on the inks. And I'd love to see your finished products! Links to your coloured versions are appreciated.

Original pencils by ~thincage

Coloured ones!
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