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From one of my favourite Doctor Who moments in the Impossible Planet.

Done in Painter IX, took me about 6 hours.


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I reached out and poked his nose to see if he would react. That's how real it looks.
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Really creepy how realistic that is
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The fact that you can paint this awesomely is unfair.................but makes you all the more amazing. :XD:
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could he be more handsome? you are great doing portraits girl :)
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You even got the old man freckles on his skin :XD:
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It's amazing! <3
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ahahaah woooowww
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Okay. You and your coloring abilities. Too good. And so smooth!
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This looks so damn realistic :wow:
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The eyes and hair are what get me. How do you do it? They look so realistic!
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love his hair in that show!
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outstanding work!:clap:
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I love your art!
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Ohhhhh God!! My all time favourite look of Tennant. Beautiful. I can't flaw it! :)
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gorgeous! Incredible likeness. :D
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That is so good I thought it was a photo when I first looked at it :p *adds to favourites*
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Gorgeous work, just lovely painting. Totally realistic, looks just like him.
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You're so talented, I really thought that was a photo of DT. Awesome. XD
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