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For #doctorwhoclub's Secret Santa project!
Who's it for? Well, that's a secret.

This took me all day, and I'm rather proud of it.
The Doctor's just come in from a snowy day and... well, I don't really know what he's looking at, or if he's looking at anything but... it's whatever you want. (Not nekkid Jack. Down fangirls, down.) Make up a story! I'd love to hear it. :)
Guess this could be my last drawing of Ten while he's still the Doctor... D:

Small and watermarked because someone stole it! :D Be proud of yourselves internet!
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Overall, this is a beautiful piece. And i love (lurv!) the expression and how very very tennant-y it is. From an artsy fartsy standpoint i have a few critiques. Bear with me while i list them off, and keep in mind that i still love this work (as i do most of your stuff).

-color scheme is a bit dreary, doesnt match his expression. try putting a little warmth in that glowy tardis light.
-pose is a tricky one, and well done for the most part. but i feel like it gets a bit messy about the arms and upper body.
-he looks rigid, and i personally have a hard time buying the contact with the present and the seat.
-i feel like that thick line on the column in the background is way too attention grabbing for a background item that is not even remotly the focus. (then again, i could just be picky.)

okay, that wasn't too painfull. Now stuff i think you did wonderfully. (see there is good stuff to make the bad stuff worth getting through.)

-love love love the snow detail and the face and ...well all that detailly stuff about his head area.
-good job on the foreshortening legs. kudos!
-nice realistic wrinkls in the fabric without getting too detailed (which i feel would violate your style for this and many wonderful pices. love that cartoony realism you do.)

and my final words are that the fourth doctor's scarf cameo is absolutly brilliant. love it. Great job overall!