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Mad Martha.

So yeah, on the 'Next Time' Trailer for the Sontaran Stratagem, Martha says the line in the first panel and this whole scene popped into my head quite immediately. No idea if it's actually funny, but I'm goin' with it... XD
Oh and um, sorry if it's spoilery in any way. Dunno how really, but anyway, sorry.
And also. Really bad title, I know. Suggestions for a better one would be nice. :)

Comments are love! Cheers!

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Yes, it's funny. Quite funny. Poor Martha.
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Donna was my favorite companion. I wish Catherine Tate had never left.
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I just love how there's a table in the middle of nowhere.
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I had to comment just so you know, it really LOL!
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 panel 4 and the last. My lung hurts LMFAO!!
                                                                       la with fez request 
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LMAO! This is absolutely HILARIOUS! Love it! :P
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The last three panels are killing me. XD
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love it! the doctor and donna waving at her is so funny! idk why....
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Amazing! I really like that they don't fight in the actual episode. Pining for the Doctor was not a good development for Martha.
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I love it when Donna and the Doctor wave at Martha from their table! XD :giggle:
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Oh god this is hilarious. XD
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This should also be titled season 3....
Just kidding. Maybe?
I still love this.... because somethings may never change. Can't wait to see more! :D
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How can anybody NOT love Martha?
That's the question.
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oh its funny alright. Poor Marsha... I mean MARTHA... donna's too cool to handle and after rose, you cant be anything but a rebound. ... It's so easy to make fun of her and yet, it needed to be done. Amen.
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