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Just A Glance - Painter IX

Okay, it really needs a better title that isn't as fangirl!cheesy.

But anyway, you know when I said I wouldn't be putting out work for a while? Yeah, that was apparently a lie. About an hour after posting that journal I became inspired to paint this gorgeous gorgeous picture from the filming of Planet of the Dead (WHICH SUCKED BTW).

It took me about four hours of work and caused me to ignore a lot of homework and things I really should have been doing instead. Stupid Tennant and his magical eyes...

ER, yeah, done in Painter IX. You can see my tutorial over here: [link]

And, though very sweet of you, if I get ONE MORE comment about how you thought it was a photo from the thumbnail...
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NinjaGeko43's avatar
this is truly glorious, so realistic!
such talent!
MusicAndArtRocker's avatar

The most realistic one of your digital ones by far-looks like a photo (the other ones do too but this is the best), looks AMAZING,... should I go on?

XDragonWolfXD's avatar
You know what you might be able to get a job with these art skills, so in the long run, maybe it was better to put off your homework. :)
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horsesrule813's avatar
he is so gorgeous
kamslrchild906's avatar
mangastyle1234's avatar
you are from a other planet ! it's to good fore a human !
kaliedoscope--eyes's avatar
You are too talented for words!!!
regates's avatar
yay! More David! :)
LeviathanThunder's avatar
Hey! Planet of the Dead was waaay better than End of Time, which sucked, and I cried and it sucked...
Merl0ck's avatar
I absolutely love this. :B You astound me on so many levels. So. Manly. Levels.

I love how you draw Tennant! You're a master of drawing that man. All the teeny lighting details on his nose, ears, and eyelids make it look almost photorealistic (don't keel me I mentioned no thumbnails!!!). I also love how you drew the veins in his eye - bold move and it REALLY adds to it. Its so tempting to leave details like that out in fear that it will make a picture look bad!

In other words I idolize you. :B
Girl-on-the-Moon's avatar
Thank you! It comes from a looot of practice. lol
Merl0ck's avatar
No problem! :D

And patience I'll bet. :stare:
whuh's avatar
the further i go back in your gallery, the more epic stuff i find.
torak4renn's avatar
THIS IS AMAZING. :iconiloveitplz: How do you do it so well?!
And-Quite-Frankly's avatar
OHMYGOD I need to stop faving everything in your gallery .____.
movielover44's avatar
Great attention to detail! You never cease to amaze me! I wish I was half as talented as you are. :D
DaleksinWonderland's avatar
This picture is gorgeous, as is the man himself (and his magical eyes, etc.) :)
Doghcat's avatar
NICE. Love the expression. :D
LizleMouton's avatar
I didn't think it was a photo from the thumbnail :icongrin--plz:

this is gorgeous, I especially love the nose (which is really tricky on David :P) and the eyes :love:
CrazyRedhairWhovian's avatar
.....i thought it was a photo from the thumbnail *HIDES*
:D :D :D
anyway... i love it :) well done
TheBigDaveC's avatar
It's amazing how much life there is in your paintings. The variations of colour on the skin. And the eyes! Wow!
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