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Doctor Who - Sunsets are Cool



I am UNSPEAKABLY proud of this one. 8D
If you don't mind my saying so.

Hours and hours in Photoshop, original pencils by Jeremy Dale and inks and colours by me.

Lighting is FUN! And hey, comments and criticism on the technical elements would make me happy inside.

Added 'Doctor Who' in the title to help out DeviantART's crappy search engine system. Hopefully.

Original pencils:

Colourable inks:

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Firstly, I have to commend you on the texturing on the tweed jacket - it was really the first thing that hit me, for some reason. It looks like it could have just been a texture stock downloaded from the web, but you've worked with it so perfectly that I can't be sure!

Ever-positive, I have lots of good things to say about this and not many bad things (It's just how I roll.)

Firstly, it looks like it could have been done by a professional comic artist, and in my eyes you are a professional comic artist! This kind of skill only comes with years of practice, and I think all of us can see that practice first-hand in your gallery. I'm honestly wondering why none of your work has gone up for a DD, if it hasn't already gone up for one. Many of us enjoy SftT but there's as much enjoyment in the rest of your works, and this is just one of the fine examples.

Now, the lighting. Such a command of lighting and shading is brilliance in itself, and reminds me so much of the lighting and shading on 3D renderings! Mainly because every bit of dark and light is in the right place, but it's still super awesome.

I know the lineart belongs to someone else, but you've made it your own and it's brilliant. I did tell you I had lots of good things to say about this, and it seems I can't find any bad things. I just... I think many of us aspire to be this good, and it's always within our reach if we just practice and learn from others, and this is one of the great teachers. No more with conforming lines and flat colours! This is where it's at.

I don't do many critiques as I can only see the good in everyone's works and some people prefer to be told the bad, but I just had to critique this as soon as I saw it, even if my critique is just a load of babble about how good this is!