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Can't You Read? - PS Shapes

These were the symbols painted on the Doctor's cot/crib in 'A Good Man Goes to War' as best as I could figure them. Since the screenshots I referenced were blu-ray quality, I think they're as spot on as most anyone could get.

To get these fabulous Photoshop shapes for yourself, head on over to my newly updated Doctor Who Ultimate Shape Pack and follow the download instructions! (The thumbnail below) Enjoy!

Caution, there may be spoilers in the comments.

Oh, and, credit to `Princess-of-Shadows for the textures I used in my examples, which can be found here: [link]
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Love, love, love, love, love!!!
Interested in download?
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I only hope it doesn't mean something like "Made in China". ;)
Anyway, great job :)
I think the one at the top in the line formation is the Doctors name and the one at the bottom is Rivers name.
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I can't dowload it =(
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I can read it >.-
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Love this and a few of your works too,you have a an awesome polished Gallery....and is a pleasure to view

Greetings from Scotland!!!:meditation:
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This was featured here: [link] hope you don't mind...
Girl-on-the-Moon's avatar
Not at all! Thank you!
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Yeah! :D

These are great. Thank you for the update on them
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absolutely brilliant! I'm redecorating my daughter's room and she wants gallifreyan symbols on the walls. This is just perfect, many thanx!
awesome! how did you get the symbols to be that color in the example image? so it looks like it was painted as it was on the crib?
Girl-on-the-Moon's avatar
It was just a pattern overlay, where the pattern was a stock photo of rusty goodness. Then, I beveled and embossed.
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These are great! I used them in for a character drawing of mine. You can take a look if you like. :) [link]

Thanks for putting these up! :D
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You are now aware that the top set of symbols resemble the Google logo.

It would explain where the Doctor gets his infinite knowledge.
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Hahahah = )
True, but Doc uses her own creative methods ))

Like the pic mucho! ))
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:bow: Amazing work! I will most definitely be using these! :O They're gorgeous!
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Lovely! Another thing to add to my nerdy collection! :D
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I think the wood on the cot may have sentient qualities and is therefore able to label itself with the name of the child placed within it. As for the Doctor's children being locked away in the time war, could someone point the way to that reference. I have a idea about River but if the Doctor had more than one child who was the mother or father of his granddaughter then my idea may be no good.
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Wow, when I was scrolling through some art, I saw this and thought "That looks like Gallifreyan text" then I clicked it, and whaddya know... That's what it is! I love the texture on this, really nice and mixes well, makes it look ancient.
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