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Birth of Padraic - Part 2

Tiernan found his son-in-law in his study, looking more brooding than normal. The Baron looked up at the Wizard-Healer, “Did you fix him?” “There’s nothing to fix, Searlas. He’s perfectly healthy.” “It doesn’t look right. I’ve seen enough babies to know what’s normal.” Baron Searlas Radbourne frowned. “So you’re telling me there’s nothing you can do.” “Because there’s nothing to be done. Your son . . .” Tiernan glared when Searlas shook his head in denial of that relation and repeated more forcefully, “ . . . your SON is fine.&


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Riana Keral - Profile

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2017 Summary of Art


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Girl and Her Horse

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Iolanthe and Eriantielle

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Ridiculous Fan Character Entry

Name: Winidia von Stollenheim, goes by Crystalfire until she finds out her true heritage Age: 13 Species: ¼ Fairy, ½ Vampire, ½ Human, ½ Changeling Hair: Curly blonde with black streaks Eyes: Purple with blue in the center and red around the edges Bio: Winidia is the magically born daughter of William Winters and Tyrian von Stollenheim and heir to the Fairyland throne and the princess destined to unite all of the thrones of Fairyland. Will left her with Tyrian because he went back to his own world because he didn’t want the responsibility of raising a kid. Tyrian decided that it would be a better idea to send hi

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Rose in Love?


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Riana Going Home after Prom

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Riana Going Home after Prom

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