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G and her H Page 80

Two years.

It's been two years since the last page :faint:

I hope everyone remembers what was going on! :XD: I had to refresh my memory :paranoid:

Anyway, here are Rysta, Mozini, and Yokov (he's lurking :eyes: see if you can spot him) meeting with a couple of rebels and handing off Lord Fiezel and his son.

I think my favorite panel is the last one, I love it when Rysta looks devious. :giggle:

The only way I managed this was because I was so sick I couldn't sleep (stupid cough :shakefist:)

The Beginning is here: G and her H Page 1 by girl-n-herhorse

Previous: G and her H Page 79 by girl-n-herhorse
Next: we'll just have to see how it goes ^^;

All characters and story belong to ME :icongirl-n-herhorse: aka :icondragondoodle:
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Also I really loved your comics! The art is amazing, the story is amazing, your characters Rysta is beautiful and couragous, that's why she's my favorite! Aardrin is awesome too cause he can transform into a horse! How cool is that? Yokov is cool as well since he's reddeming hinself, and Calaen is a pretty menacing villain. The scene with the boy and his father made me teary eyed. Some of the characters faces made me crack up! This series will always be my favorite on DA and I really wanna start over and read it from the beginning again. Keep doing what you love and your friends and fans will keep supporting you. ^v^
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Awww! Thank you! I promise I will eventually get back to it, if not with comic pages then with actual writing :nod:
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Okay Rysta is beautiful but sometimes she kinda scares me! But that's what makes her an awesome heroine! ^w^
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She can be very scary :nod: I'm glad you like her :aww:
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I sure did enjoy this comic so far.
I love the plot and what is going on. 
I love the chars inside your story. How you dare to make some of them so hated and evil. 
And I just like what is going on in overal.
Are you still making this series. Because I could not happen to notice that your last uploads are from 2015 and 2017.
I hope you still wil proceed them because it's such a amazing story to follow ^^

(P.s the hidden commend is because I replayed on a other commend this.)
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Do I have another Shok'Artel fan? :disbelief: I really hate that man. He's one of the few characters I have that is based on a real person I had the unfortunate luck to have to deal with when I was an Admin Assistant for an Architect. Slimiest, most untrustworthy person I have ever met in person, and yet able to convince people of anything with his charm.

To answer your question, yes, I am still working on the series, but I've shifted gears from doing a comic to doing it in writing :nod: I'm old and at the rate I've been doing this comic I'll be dead of old age or more ancient than Methuselah before I manage to finish the story. (I've got the whole thing scripted out so I know how it ends and everything):XD:

Here are three written pieces that happen directly after this page - At The Capital - Yokov and AardrinYokov stepped out of the rebel’s secret gathering place to try and find his companions. He finally saw Rysta arguing with Aardrin. To anyone else it would have looked like an insane woman arguing with a spotted horse, but Yokov simply sighed and walked up to the two of them to find out what the problem was.
Rysta’s voice was a low growl as she responded to something Aardrin said that only she could hear, “I’m sorry, Aardrin! I can’t do it. You have to come with us looking like that.”
Yokov furrowed his brow. He finally gave up trying to sort it out and asked, “What is the problem?”
Rysta turned to face Yokov, obviously frustrated but speaking quietly so they wouldn’t be overheard. “Aardrin wants me to put an illusion on him so he won’t be recognized.”
“I see. So why can you not?”
Rysta let out a frustrated breath, “I’m not that good at illusions. It’s too soon after the last one and, e
  At The Capital - Rysta meets CalaenRysta walked the lower halls of the palace of the High King. She regretted having to part with her new leathers, but the girl who now owned them was better off with them. The poor thing had been in tears when they discovered her in a dark corner wearing her bright and distinct uniform that marked her as a palace maid. Rysta had been more than happy to relieve the girl of her outfit, knowing it would be the perfect way to get into the palace. The outfit in question was uncomfortably low cut and ruffled, not something Rysta would have chosen on her own but she had no intention of keeping it after it had served the purpose of getting her past the guards without a second glance her direction. She’d have to steal something more practical for the return trip, there was no way she was riding bare back on Aardrin in these skirts. She’d slide right off.
Both Yokov and Aardrin had protested her plan initially, saying it was reckless, although neither of them questioned her ability to
  At The Capital - Rysta meets Calaen Part 2Rysta looked around the room she had been guided to after a decidedly rough and invasive scrubbing in hot water and soap. She would have preferred to do the scrubbing herself, but apparently peasant maids weren’t to be trusted to clean themselves properly. Her skin felt raw but she was grateful that she was finally clean, even if it wasn’t the way she would have preferred. She recognized the room and was grateful that it was one of the cleaner ones. At least Prince Calaen wasn’t as slovenly as some of his fellow princes.
She looked around to get her bearings, but as she passed a full-length mirror she stopped to look at herself. Her hair was still going in all directions, despite the cleaning woman’s attempts to tame it. She could have told the woman that getting it wet was just going to make it go crazy; it was nearly a day after washing before she could smooth it with a brush, as long as a thunderstorm wasn’t brewing.
The shift she had been given was obv
Read them in the order I linked them ;)
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Wel not especially a fan, It's just you wrote down the character very well because of those personal experiences. 
It's something like, you wrote down the character this well that we can hate him to good xD Something like King Jofrey from GOT. 
He is also one of the most hated characters. Yet, in my opinion the character is damn written well if he can create such feelings to you. 
And that kinda makes your evil guy a good oc. Even tough you hate him. 
Also I must be honest that I am always love to read about characters who have their down sides/weak sides/evil sides. 
I usual can't stand if a oc is all perfect and can't do anything wrong in other their eyes. Because no one is perfect. I simply can't relate to those. 
I love to read about the struggle they have and their personal grown what they get duo those struggles. 

Aaah it's a shame you don't create the comic himself anymore. But I can understand it also to well. I started with my own comic a few weeks ago to test 
out how I wil create my origin comic in the future. And must say it snoops a lot of my time away to create those. What I do notice with writing down a script
for my own comic is kinda, I over explain stuf. So I re-watched my script once again and dropped everything what was just to much of a info dump. This helped a lot
because the amount of pages did become lesser again and it will be still clear what the hell is happening. 
But it's a good thing you know what to do with the howl story already. Once I knew that to xD until I revamped almost the howl story the past 2 years xD 
A lot of characters been dropped and a lot of new one where added and the howl story did change in the end. Hell even the main protagonist did change because
I noticed that I was always stuck with the old one. 

I wil read those if I have some spared time to leave c: I did fave them already so I wil not forget it. Because I love to follow your story ^^ 
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He's a character you love to hate, I can understand that :XD:

I'll probably do some pages once in a while but I find that with writing I can get more detail and do it faster :nod: Although, I did notice that my art improved dramatically while I was doing the comic, so it was a good thing to do :aww:
Kitty-Craftsy's avatar
Yes that! 

That would be cool, but yeah I see where you coming from.
While you are writing you can describe things way faster and easy'r than drawing scenes over and over. 
And also a true fact. Drawing a comic forces you to draw things you usual never drawn c:
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Last panel is also my fave. Devious Rysta = :heart:
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:squee: This 100% just made my day!
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Rysta is so up to something. XD I wonder what she has up her sleeve.

Love Yokov's looks. He looks a bit like Oliver Queen in that shot.
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That's not Yokov, that's one of the rebels (I've got so many blond guys it's difficult to sort them out, sorry ^^;) Yokov is just sitting off to the side in the first panel getting the side eye from the other rebel. :nod: He'll show up in the next page.
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Wooo! I knew you could do it! And the page looks awesome! I really love their expressions, and you did a great job on the colors and poses!! :la: I especially love Rysta in the last panel :D

Is that Yokov hooded and sitting on the hay? XD We need a picture of him looking mysterious and shady in his hood.

Awesome work! I'm excited to see the page! :love:
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The last panel is my favorite :nod:

Yokov is going to do just that in the next page :giggle: He's trying to stay incognito due to him being a Westerner and having been in Gaetan's Army he's afraid he might be recognized.
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