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G and her H Page 75

Yet another page, it's still a slow process due to my work and whatnot. I think the curly hair soldier getting up is on of my favorite figures on the page. :nod:

As to what Rysta is up to . . . well . . . she's a schemer that one. :giggle:

The Beginning is here:G and her H Page 1 by girl-n-herhorse

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All characters and story belong to ME :icongirl-n-herhorse: aka :icondragondoodle:
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You're really great at making these facial expressions, I'm starting to love Rysta more than before! Love 
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
Awww! I'm glad :giggle: She's one of my favorite characters, I need to write more with her.
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I really like Rysta's face on the fourth panel.
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
Thank you! Me too. Those few pages she was giving me issues for some reason so it was nice when it would work once in a while ^^;
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Excellent job! I can't wait to see what's going to happen. :)
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I can see why you're proud of him!

Ah yes, and that is why, i put out one bards comic per week - if i'm lucky. and thats a strip, not colored. you've definitly got a massive undertaking, i'm just thankful i've read the story already. Right now, i'm seeing how it translates into art AND what mods you've made to it :D so i can afford to be patient - just don't give up! i know it can be tough...

*sigh* i was looking at Mookie this past Anime Boston - we both started showing off our BRAND new comics at the very first AB. now its like, 12 years later and he FINISHED his comic after moving to a daily schedule and was HIGHLY popular (#1 question in the AB AA was "What table is mookie at?"). and i look at what i've done and almost cry - but mookie was highly encouraging when i talked about it with him at con. No judgement - thats all being done from me, lol...he's still impressed for some reason...i dunno...

So, don't give up!
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:aww: Indeed!

I'm still toying with the idea of making this a book rather than a comic, but I want to at least finish up the Calaen storyline. :aww:
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I'm actually doing that with my outcasts series - i want alot of art IN the book, and i hope to someday have the time to make it a graphic novel/comic, but i i really liked how it came out when just writing it out, and this way, it'd get out faster :D

good luck!
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Great job!  Body positioning and anatomy are looking good throughout the whole page, not just on the soldier getting up (although that pose is particularly good).
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You did a fantastic job on the soldier getting up!
Neptunes-Sparks's avatar
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