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G and her H Page 71

Website is down so I'm just gonna post this one here now even though the next one isn't quite finished. :aww:

Ugh . . . the angles I attempted here. I really need work on perspective and making sure everyone looks like they're the right size comparatively. ^^;

Also . . . eww on that wound XP

The Beginning is here:G and her H Page 1 by girl-n-herhorse

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All characters and story belong to ME :icongirl-n-herhorse: aka :icondragondoodle:
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And the lady's face in the end was priceless! XD
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
Well, see . . . healers like Aardrin are . . . kind of illegal if they're not working for the crown ^^; That's a lot of her shock, the fact that he's using healing powers.
AaronBrawnstone's avatar
Oh! I'm getting the hang of the magical things that happen in this series. ^w^
PuddingValkyrie's avatar
HA.  That told you.
silverwolvesarecool's avatar
Another comment...Rysta's smug face...XD. She's like..."I told you so!"
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
Yeup :XD: She loves being right :XD:
silverwolvesarecool's avatar
Ha! The lady's face! Priceless!
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
Thank you :XD: She's never seen a real healer at work before :nod:
silverwolvesarecool's avatar
5--Capall--5's avatar
Ahh what comes next?? Awesome storyline and I love the comic so far
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
Yay! I'm glad you like it and I'll be updating it soon (I hope :paranoid:) I started a new job recently and I've been working full time with weird hours so it's been hard to do art ^^;
5--Capall--5's avatar
Yay! I cant wait until you update it. Im dying of anticipation! And congrats on the new job!
alex-weiss's avatar
So happy he's not dead *sniffles*
jijikit's avatar
I :love: Rysta's "I told you so, bitch" look!  :XD:
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
It's a pretty natural expression for her :XD:
Captain-Savvy's avatar
You did a great job! I love Aardrin *hugs him* He'll be tired after this...

And I love the woman's OMG face XD That's perfect
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
Yes he will be . . . which will make things interesting :giggle:

Thank you! :huggle:
Neptunes-Sparks's avatar
Great job! you got the poses done in a great fashion, and the expressions are spot on!

Go Aardrin! *waves pom poms*
girl-n-herhorse's avatar
Thanks! And Aardrin appreciates the cheering :XD:
Neptunes-Sparks's avatar
No problem! 

:XD: *gets ready for finale* go Aardrin! do that healing! *jumps in the air with mini sparklers* 
BloodBriar's avatar
oh nice X).loving the different expressions.You're seriously getting better and better :)
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