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Nervously, Marty the manager moved and straightened, wanting to make sure that the small Dutch Bros Coffee shop was in tip top shape for tonight's more than abnormal circumstances. He, as he felt necessary, took his last few moments to prepare the store - his last opportunity to provide a clear runway, to his two new hires, who that night would be asked to run the store alone.

Marty: "Now look, girls, this wasn't how I wanted to train you two. I mean, I hired you both for the night shift, but normally there would be someone here to train you, and teach you the ropes. Well, that guy is sick, and so is the guy who was supposed to be on call. I'd stay, but I'm leaving town for a meeting with the franchisee tonight, and he wouldn't let me get out of the appointment. So, here's the deal. It should be a very slow night. Maybe 1-2 customers from now until mourning. So, I can't imagine it being too bad. Just clean. And try and learn the register app on your phone. If either of you have any problems, just call me, ok? My number is written on the board over there. Any questions?"
Both girls were in their early twenties, both about five five and around 120 pounds.  Slim slightly athletic build, with bouncy natural C cup boobies. Both had long hair.  Amelia with the straight Blonde locks down to the small of her back, and Eris with a  slightly curly brown mop that descended to her shoulder blades. They were both dressed in the house mini dress with a pleated lower beige skirt area, with white little coffee cups.  The top of the single piece dress was a White slightly sheer blouse, with pink little sugar cubes.  Bare legs and strap on black 3 inch heels, completed the sexy pair.  Both fair skinned of similar tone, Eris with an innocent sprinkle of freckles over her nose, and Amelia with a sexy rub of rouge on each cheek.  Both had plastered on the usual raccoon dark cat like eye makeup with long lashes, and spread a nice thick wet tip spilling smear of rouge lip stick on their pouty thick young lips.

Amelia (blonde): "Nope, I think we got it."

Eris (brunette): "You're sure there is nobody you can call in?"

Marty: "Yeah, I'm sure. But it's only 8 hours. Travis will be here at around 7. But anyway, I have to hit the road. Call me!" With that, and no more, Marty left, leaving his two newest hires alone to work their first shift.

Amelia: "You're sure there isn't anybody?" The blonde imitated in the most nasally mocking voice she could muster. "That's right, bitch, you're stuck here all alone with me." In response to the blonde's cruel words and tone, the brunette merely averted her eyes, and said nothing, instead trying to at least appear like she was focusing on work. "I'm talking to you, Eris. You don't get to just ignore me. Don't make me hurt you like I did in the locker room."

Eris: "Look, Amelia ... let's just work... I said I was ... sorry for going after Travis... We settled this." Every word spoken by the brunette came out broken, and shaken, driven by a palpable fear of the blonde, one instilled in their last violent encounter.

Amelia: "Yeah, we DID settle THIS. And what we settled on, is that I kicked your ass. Which I'm pretty sure means you're my bitch. And now that we've graduated, and since I can't push you around at school anymore, I'll do it here."

Eris: "Please, Amelia. I need this job so bad. And ... and ... I just..." The brunette's words began to cut out, as she started to choke back tears, so distraught she was about having to work here, with a women who so brutalized her.

Amelia: "You just what? Huh? Speak!" The command was issued, as the blonde shoved Eris into the closed drive thru window of the small coffee shop.

Eris: "I don't want to ... fight you anymore..." Her words came out soft and pleading, as she tried her best not to cry, still looking anywhere else but in the eyes of her tormentor.

Amelia: "I wouldn't want to fight me either, if I were a weak bitch like you. But you know what!?" The question was a rhetorical one, asked just as the blonde pushed herself forward, pressing her body into the pathetic brunette's. Then, having closed the distance, Amelia reached up, and grabbed Eris' tear-stained face, forcing her to finally make eye contact.

Eris: "Please, Amelia..." She begs, knowing not what else to do, trying not to focus on the feeling of her tits rubbing up against Amelia's.  Spreading the upper buttons apart and bringing tit-flesh to tit-flesh contact.

Amelia: "Please what? Hmm...?" The blonde asked, whilst still holding firm to her grasp of the brunette's face.

Eris: "Don't hurt me..."

The words of the Brunette’s plea caused the blonde to laugh in an overtly sexual way, just as she leaned in, and pressed her tits even further into the brunette's, spilling into the other girl’s blouse, while rubbing herself against her terrified coworker. Then in answer, Amelia brought her lips within only an eyelash's width from Eris' and whispered: "Fuck you...ERIS" Exactly at the same moment that the confident, and malicious advance escaped the pretty blonde's lips, a heavy metal ice bucket slammed into the back of her head. The blow was vicious, and violent, knocking her not just to the ground, but unconscious. Darkness then took her, until slowly, her eyes began to blink open once more, only to set themselves on Eris, who stood above her, with a wicked grin on her face.

Eris: "Fuck me? No, bitch. I'm gonna fuck you."

The words of challenge sent the floored blonde into a rage, but as she went to move and revenge, kicking her bare legs and clacking her heels in a tapping rhythm as her ass bounced on the floor as she tried to get up .... BUT ... she found her hands tied firmly behind her back, and mind fogged with the obvious symptoms of a concussion.

Amelia: "You BITCH! LET ME GO!" The former tormentor screamed as she squirmed and kicked on the hard coffee house floor, whipping her dress over her thighs and trying desperately to free herself. But as she struggled, she watched Eris with a cold glare, a look which softened into panic, as she noticed the brunette slowly pull her panties down from under her dress, and then off.

Eris: "I will. But not yet. First, I need to teach you a lesson for being so mean." With each word, the brunette took a step closer, until finally she stood, legs planted firmly on either side of her enemy's head.

Amelia: "What!? No! No, no, no, noooo..." Her repeated words found themselves cut off, as Eris lowered herself into a straddle, placing her pussy lips over those on the blonde which were speaking. The blonde's eyes, which remained visible, darted this way and that, as she dealt with not only the humiliation of the girl she considered to be her bitch smothering her, but also the fact that she was barely able to breath. That 'barely' coming from her nose, which remained free from the confines of flesh - a reality which Eris quickly ended, as she reached down, and pulled her clitoral hood over the nose of her former tormentor.

Eris: "See, this is what I meant. I knew we could find a way to make up and get along." As the brunette stroked her long shiny hair back over her shoulders, exposing her plump breasts beneath the sheer top of her dress. ...  she lowered herself into a straddle, making sure that the blonde's mouth was fully engulfed in her cunt flesh in the most intimate of holey wet places, and that her rival's nose was pressed snugly against the clit before it. "Now, just because you were such a bad girl - such a naughty little bitch, I'm going to smother you. When you want air, just use your tongue." The explanation and instructions were delivered as Eris looked down into her foes' glaring and angry eyes, and as muffled threats and refusals were made and heard emanating from somewhere underneath Eris' tightly sealed womanhood. "Ohhh, girl, keep talking. It feels sooo gooood. Ughhh" As the pleasure began, the brunette began to roll her hips, and hump, not moving enough to allow for air, but just enough to increase her own enjoyment. "Come on! Tell me what you're going to do to me when you get free!" Eris shouted as she grabbed for the blonde's hair and pulled harshly. "TELL ME!" She yanked again, pulling upward, just as she ground her clit down on the blonde's nose.  As Eris rotated her hips she reached down with her right hand and snapped the hip lacing of Amelia’s thong.  No sense you not enjoying my little exercise, right? Her long French cut sharpies flicked the Blondes panty to one side of her crotch, exposing her bare pussy flesh, to the workings of the brunette’s nasty manicure.    Unknown to Eris this enraged Amelia to the point that she began to use her red lacquered long pointy eye gouging sharpies to secretly begin shredding her wrist binds.

Whilst Eris rode, Amelia began to understand that by trying to verbally respond to the brunette, she was accomplishing only two things. One, pleasing through vibrations for her torturer’s cunt lips. And two, using up her last remaining breaths. Given that realization, the blonde chose to stop talking, and instead to try and decide if she would be willing to trade further humiliation for breath. At first, she refused, swearing to herself that she would never lick the bitch who now sat upon her face. But as every second passed, and she began to succumb to suffocation, she realized that she had no other option. No other chance at continuing to breathe than to apply her tongue to the clit of her rival. And so, out of sheer desperation, she did, softly and begrudgingly at first, but then fully and passionately, so that she knew that her submission had been felt, and that air would soon be allowed to her once again.  This also helped fuel the secret loosening of her bound wrists.

Cheap French perfumes of both girls, the apricot blossom of the Blonde’s and the red raspberry of the Brunette began to fill the tight space along with the soft moans of both she cats.

Eris: "Good girl!" The brunette said mockingly, as she lifted herself up just enough for the blonde to breathe again. "Now keep going, or I'll smother you again." So good it was to breathe again, that Amelia did not stop, or even question. Having come to accept her current role. "Oh god. Keep going, bitch! Be my good little girl" With each stroke of the blonde's tongue, Eris began to lose focus on her surroundings, so much so that she actually closed her eyes, intent on just enjoying the feeling of the woman who destroyed her in their catfight, now using her tongue as a cunt massaging slave.

At first, her lack of sight mattered not, as she continued to ride her rival's face, coming closer and closer to a fiery, and explosive wet orgasm. But, just as the mountain top came into view, and she felt the first tingles of an oncoming orgasm, a voice called out.

Travis: "Hello? Anybody in there?" It was the voice of Travis, the boy over which these two first fought over in the locker room of the high school. The sound was recognized by both girls, a fact revealed to Eris by the eyes of Amelia, which grew wide, and excited, in the hopes that he might free her from the torment in which she languished. That hope, was to the brunette a fear, one that she sought to avoid. In that endeavor, she reached down, and scooted back, placing her hands tightly over the blonde's makeup-smeared mouth. Then, as she stood up further, she replaced her hands, with her heel, so that she could keep her rival from crying for help. Without the use of her hands, those being tied behind her back, Amelia struggled, trying to escape the sealing-leather of her enemy's shoe heel being shoved down her throat. As she so writhed, Eris stood all the way up, right in the view of Travis.

Travis: "Uh, hey?"

Eris: "Hey, sorry! I was cleaning the floor. Amelia has been spilling drinks all night. What's up?" The jab caused the blonde to begin her struggling anew, clawing at her binds, while desperately trying to free her mouth, and thereby her voice.

Travis: "Uh, not much. Is Amelia here?"

Eris: "No, she actually left with some guy. Not sure what his name was. Looked hot though." The former football player's eyes widened, and shoulders sank, as the words sank in.

Travis: "Oh. Did ... uh ... she say when she'd be back? I keep texting her and she isn't responding."

Eris: "She said not to wait for her, so I'd guess she won't be back."

Travis: "Weird. Well, if she comes back, can you tell her I stopped by?"

Eris: "For sure." The comment came out short and sweet, as the brunette switched her focus to trying to keep her heel in the blonde's mouth.

Travis: "Thanks... Oh and hey, I'm really sorry for all the drama I caused between you two. I didn't mean..."

Eris: "Her and I are figuring it out. Don't worry."

Travis: "Great." He nodded, happy to know that he hadn't caused a permanent rift between two girls he cared about. "Anyway, I'm off to look for her. See ya at 7!" His 'ya' was only heard in the distance, as he drove off from the drive thru window.

Eris: "Would you stop! I'm not done with you yet!" Just as Eris turned her attention back to her bound and shoe-gagged rival, the ropes tied around Amelia's wrists finally frayed and broke from all the struggle and nail cutting, allowing her to once again use her claws on ERIS. ... claws she so did need to use, scratching at the now lowering Eris, who was once again trying to straddle the blonde's face. The claw turned into a push, and the push into a slam, as the brunette's head landed violently against the stainless steel cooler beneath the coffee bar. The effects of the blow were no less painful than the one Amelia suffered, but somehow, Eris remained conscious, though crumpled on the floor, with her dress bunched over her bare wet cunt, smeared up with Amelia's red lip stick.

As the brunette recovered, so did the blonde, who ripped the strands of her tattered thong off while trying to stand and take advantage of her enemy's state, but found herself immediately beset by dizziness, confusion, and a nauseating lack of balance. Again, and again she went to steady herself, but found that no amount of closing of eyes, or standing without falling could alleviate her state of imbalance. Eris, who herself tried to stand, found her circumstances no less dire, as a concussion had now affected her as well. Both bare assed young felines teetered on their heels, wobbling slowly and angrily towards one another with pulsing hungry raw cunt lips and flexing claws ... ... and so there, in the back room of that tiny coffee shop, with both girls wobbling, and confused, they set their eyes on each other, visual focus coming in and out.

Eris: "Bitch!"

Amelia: "Cunt! Why the fuck did you tell my boyfriend that!"  Her wet red lip stick smeared all over her cheeks and chin, with dribbles of pussy juice from Eris’s cunt.

Despite the question, and their words, Eris knew that no amount of talking would end this standoff, and that the blonde would not allow peace, after such a violent and sexually charged punishment.
In knowing that, she decided to attack first, despite her previous loss, ... diving wildly and off-balance, tackling the blonde who stood off-kilter and too slowed by her state to defend herself.  As dresses flew up over their hips exposing their healthy round sex gams and bare trimmed boxes, their young tight bodies finally knotted up into the catfight they both wanted and desperately needed.  The two girl's intertwined bodies crashed into a rack of coffee and sugars, hair flying, tangling and shrouding off their gnashing biting facial attacks with tooth and nail while wet sticky ingredients spilled onto the floor from behind them, knocking over other powders jams and sticky plastic jars and tins in a domino effect while the tangled rotating felines landed on top of a metal table with more plastic bottles and tins of various powders, spices and goo’s.  

An armada of plastic bottles filled with syrups and liquids, and gallons of on-hand ready-to-use milk fell and broke open, on the floor. As helter-skelter ensued, the two girls wrapped their fingers in each other’s hair, locked legs in a knotted ball of entwined wet snakes and rolled into a conjoined spinning catball, cunt to cunt, tit to tit and snorting nose to nose ... each jockeying for position - each trying to come out on top of their rival while ripping and tearing, exposing more flesh and tits to the sticky mass they rolled into on the table .  Finally, they rolled themselves off of the slippery gooey metal table, down to the filthy wet floor below, covered in ever more goo, ripped cloth and strands of blonde and brown hairs. There, as each found themselves covered in liquids, of various consistencies and scents, they continued their catball struggle ... coating their rolling sticky wet flesh with bits of floor dirt, balls of sticky fluff, bread crumbs, milk powder, white and brown sugars, ground coffee and other undefined flakes and globes, as they spun across the floor in one sexy half naked mass of jaw locked cunt locked flesh.  

Finding no advantage in their hair pulling, the two released their holds on each other locks, and instead moved to tearing, and ripping at each other's now soaking translucent clothing, with tits pushing out and into the other, while dresses bunched up and over the hips of the warring nemesis . The wet translucent clinging dresses were shredded to bits, then finally ripped off, aside for a few clinging shards of cloth, until finally in the muck and mayhem, they clung to each other in a nude rolling wet gooey ball of fighting grappling flesh...  biting shoulders necks chins noses cheeks while also bashing their faces together and simultaneously clawing at hair and flesh, leaving artistic patterns of bloodied claw marks across backs, necks, tits, thighs, faces and asses.

Their struggle continued that way, rolling from one side of the open and wet bloodied sticky filthy floor to the other, with each pressing their raw naked clawed bodies together into a conjoined dirty pink glistening mass of red bloodied streaks and twirling hair, with all the force their catball could muster, slamming into one wall then twirling off in the other direction till blasting into the opposite wall ... back and forth like a pinball game of rotating marbled flesh and hair ...  their conjoined naked mass getting tighter and tighter and arms hugged greedily and legs coiled around the other’s clawed body, their long hairs tangling into a single colorless net of blonde and brown mucky straw, covering over their jaw locked chewing and grunting at the expense of luscious lips and makeup... eye lashes and mascara where dripping and stabbing respectively into their mashed flattened faces, that grunted into the maws of the other bitch . . . As they tumbled, they each used their claws to roam around their enemy's person, jabbing, clawing and pinching at any soft target they could find adding more blood and anger to the catballers’ battle. Eventually, their catfight took them to the very rear corner of the tiny coffee shop, under a large oak table ... pinned together in their conjoined single mass of pulsating feminine filthy sex flesh, and unable to move or roll any further, except spin slowly about in a conjoined confined corner space.

There they sat up on their clawed asses under the table, interlaced fingers on both hands, and placed their left leg under the other's right, and right over left, criss-crossing in such a way that their cunts crossed and sealed together clit to clit, lip to sticky cunt lip, as they hugged each other ever closer with their shiny sticky snake legs.  Their bodies literally stuck together from the top of their foreheads, with  cunt sucking on cunt, just underneath their stomachs... cemented together, bound by whatever chemistry of liquids had formed there on that floor.

To get a better angle, or perhaps to re-engage on better terms, they both tried to pull their bodies apart, but found themselves unable as the pain of their conjoined and interlaced pussy lips, bit and stretched angrily at their twined mashed plump bits of wet sex flesh.  The pain of their separation struggle made their conjoin-ment even more defined and final.

They opened their jaws and released their mutual muted vicious jaw lock only to spit more angry venom at the other bitch!
...while spitting, blood, sweat and spittle laced with melted makeup in the other’s mouth,  across their puffy bleeding swollen and chewed lips...

Amelia: "You're such a fucking bitch!" As Amelia screamed and spat, she shoved her body forward in frustration ... in the process, though without intention, slamming her womanhood deeper into that of her enemy, and causing her clit to ooze under the stiff bone of her rivals little female cock, and begin to fuck and spread Eris’s fleshy cunt folds.

Eris: "You're the bitch! I just wanted to work here in FUCKING PEACE!" Eris, no less frustrated by their state of stuck-ish-ness, likewise shoved herself forward, slamming her own womanhood further into the blonde's fleshy twat.  The two bitches now taking turns riding under the others’ clit and penetrating deep into the now cum squirting puss flesh of her rival.  The clits orbited the other fencing and probing and FUCKING the soft gooey smelly rival’s wet oily cunt meat, getting longer and harder like two tiny boned cocks.

Both young pretty women looked more like nasty beaten witches now, with what could be seen beneath the tangled filthy veil of blonde and brown hair. Their faces a contorted camo-painted mess of red lip stick, mascara, rouge and blood and bloodied scratches and bites.

In that way, and in that gyrating state, they stayed in their wet conjoined form, a single fucking rotating body, like two colliding galaxies now totally indistinguishable from the other, sitting in a dark dirty shroud of tangle knotted hair, forehead glued against forehead, nose stuck to nose, cheeks covered in gooey laced bloody spittle, glaring at one another, rotating their only free weapons, their pubic mounds together.

At first they gyrated and wriggled, merely to continue their battle of body against body in their leg knotted rotating catball, but slowly, subconsciously, they began to do so for another reason... LUST... as They ripped their hand grips apart and hugged and clawed about the other’s backs and necks, squeezing their faces and bodies ever tighter in their battle ball of conjoinment.. PASSION TOO... as cum juices spilled into the opposite love hole,  WITH the desire to reassert their lost dominance.

As the pleasure began to take hold of both of them, their lips, which were as of yet used only to insult and the object of biting locked maws, began to hover closer and closer, each tasting the hot breath of their enemy in their own mouth. The threat of a kiss between the two rivals grew, and grew, with each clit rotation - each girl trying desperately to resist it, even as their bloodied tongues called out to each other.  They started by licking the sweet blood and sweat off the other’s lips then instantly their Witch like chanting began ...
Amelia: "Bitch, bitch, bitch"
Eris: "Cunt, cunt, cunt."
The repetitious whispers, meant to distract them from desire and a final cum stream, only served to push their quivering bloodied puffy lips closer, and then closer still, until finally their insults sealed their chewed lips together in a glorious, passionate blood soaked kiss. And though their blood and spit soaked tongues flicked then embraced in a wet knotted dance together, they continued their now slowed and sensual pelvic thrusts, each trying now not to wound, but instead to drive their enemy into orgasmic oblivion. Casting a spell of spelling fluids upon the other bitch fighter.

Their battle was close, so very very close, neither ahead nor behind - each finding the perfect angle from which to attack their rival's cunt with a penetrating hard long clit. That closeness - that equality, they hated, beyond words or measure, and yet, their frustration at the fact only served to push them deeper into their lust for the other, and nearer to an orgasmic spell.

Finally, their pleasure became too great to continue their tangling of tongues, and so each girl tried to pull away from their kiss, so that they could scream out their mutual sexual frustrations, but found that like the rest of their bodies, their bloodied lips were now fully stuck together with the fluids in which they were rolling in. And though that thought troubled them, and caused their eyes to grow wide, they could do nothing but scream into each other's mouths as their tribbing finally brought them both to a full orgasm of jetting cum juices.

Now, it might have appeared to an outsider that they did spell together, without even a blink between their cummings, but they both knew, that it was Amelia who sprayed first, it being her quivering release that pushed Eris over the edge.  The hot spray of cum jets, blasted the tender erect and elongated knotted clits, further driving a sexual electric charge up the other’s spine, from clit  to nipple fused tits then knotted soaked tongues then back again at the speed of light, over and over again... clit-nipple-tongue jarring squirming SEX shocks... causing an endless gyrating plump bit of fucking flesh tied neatly into a vibrating spinning catball of fuck fighting lust...  covered in cunt cum and cemented together with the floor goo into a conjoined pulsating fuck fest, trapped in a spinning cunt locked FUCK ball with the only noises being muffled sex groans and the thumping of a rotating wet balled up fuck fight hidden away in a tight little back room corner of the shop under a big old table.  A true feast of instant cock wood for the senses of any lucky nearby male, who may stumble upon these self-made sex slaves twisted up into their mutual confinement.

Moments passed in silence, as the two baristas tried to recover and regain composure, each only able to breathe through their noses in sharp little snorts, like two glued but sexy wet piggy balls, their mouths still being sealed together. Their arms tightly hugging one another now about the opposite back and neck. Left legs snaked high and around the upper back and shoulders of the opposite rival, while the right limbs where glued around the opposite ass and hips of the rival bitch... a classic catball embrace, clits in cunts, nipple fused to nipple, navel sucked into navel, mouths glued shut around the other, in a deep sucking and permanent embrace... still slowly teetering and rolling in their fight corner, with the peeling sound of sticky rounded rotating bodies STILL looking instinctively for the dominant top bitch position ... to fuck the other cunt ever deeper, into the cum hole sea of mussy cunt cum.  

A pair of lucky Male shoes tapped nearer the scene opening the side door of the Cafe to the scent and smell of the dimly lit gyrating and quivering sex art before him, quivering under the big old oak table.
As he peaked under the table,  the aroma of mingling cheap perfume with sweet scents and girly pussy farts, floated about the confines of the little fuck fight room and up his lucky nose...  his eyes and ears sucked up the boner producing catball before him ... hair glued and matted together, ever contorting the image of their conjoined lip sucking, tongue knotted faces, beneath the veil of catfighting fuck-fighting pain and orgasm. Their little patch of cunt hairs, angrily tangled and knotted together into a blonde-brunette colored mat of pussy glue, just below their cemented navel holes, and mashed stuck nipples.

He doubled over and settled down into a chair as a ragging hard on took control of his body ... all the better to see the catfighters with he thought...

As he starred under the table, he could not tell who had won this little contest, as he took what must have been a solid 15 minutes plus, letting his senses inflate his manhood from the shadowy scene being observed before him, as the entwined girls slowly continued to rotate while trying to break apart, exposing from their confined shadowy catfight world, in one sexy cock building instant ...  their locked up still juicing and squirting, mashing, grinding cunt lips, then rolling again to expose their tongue tied face, and nipple fused conjoinment ... round and round slowly in the dim shadowy confines, with floor pealing skin on skin, and skin on floor sounds, muffled sex grunts,  pussy in pussy sloshy wet suction sounds, with the gentle grunt sucks of two cemented girly tongues and mouths

...this catball was NOTHING he had ever even thought of before. The sound of their rolling flesh peeling away from the floor would never leave him... from this time onwards, every time he would peel an orange or unwrap some sticky plastic mess he would get a major hard on ... even the smell of cheap perfume would also now give him a most embarrassing bulge ...  He did not even know how much he enjoyed catfights in general until now.  AND fuck fight Catballs would NOW be his fav,  no doubt.  

As for who won the HOT Contest still evolving before him ... Eris had won, and forced her former tormentor to spill against her will, while gushing forth herself a micro second later. Amelia had lost to a girl she had planned on torturing from this, their first day of work until finally she was driven to quiver and spell forth her own sex fluids. And though there was plenty from this contest to digest for both of them, they each realized, now having purged their fluidic demons upon and into one another's bodies, that there was something far more important to worry about than who would play the dominant role when next they met. For together they sat in a perfect catball tangle of balled and glued naked flesh, puss lips conjoined into puss lips actively and actually fusing their cunt holes into a single dark deep sexual chasm, in a churning sea of liquid cum-destruction - on a battlefield no less in disarray than those of any world war, but with ripped tatters of feline cloth, hair, blood, twisted smells of cheap perfume coffee and sweets ,,, and of course CUNT CUM ... lots of mussy smelling CUM .

They could clean it, MAYBE, if they were separated, but how could they possibly do that? Both conjoined into a single mass ... Both unable to peel even an inch of skin away from the other's body. Worried and afraid how they looked to one another, unsure how to escape the humiliation of being found like this .... a sexual battle ball ... a modern sexual art piece of balled pulsating flesh in an infinite state of repetitive orgasm, slowly twisting and twirling trapped for ever in the corner of some back room...
PERHAPS to be discovered by the morning crew, or the anger of their boss for destroying his Cafe?

How to stop their fight... HOW to separate!? Their eyes asked of one another.
Perhaps they might get carted off in their conjoined form and provide hot sexual catfighting entertainment to some devotees of this sensual art form?  OR stay where they are, a secret backroom show of feline fuck flesh for patrons with extra thick wallets and cocks?

Finally, as the man with the lucky pair of shoes started to auto ejaculate from his swelled manhood!!!

Travis: "Are you two done? Because we have so much work to do." Their savior called. "That was hot by the way. Can I join in next time?"

The end?.... FUCK NO!!!

original Author unknown  rewritten by West
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