Changes include Male Artists welcome.   Porn statement removed.  Who can define porn exactly?  Not me what is porn to you is well just sexy sexy to me...

A Super group for sexy girl girl and lesbian  Models. This group was started to help  Female Models find one another for Modeling Jobs requiring two or more interactive women, nude or clothed.  Very often a Model will get an offer that she is interested in, but is not part of a net work that can hook her up with other models.
Likely shoots requiring two girls can be from just scenes with two girls dancing or talking together, to hugging and kissing, as well as various wrestling grind tangled loving and drama  fantasies.  Matrons will be eventually appointed, to help promote this group.  There may be a lot of work availalble within this Deviant Community.  WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY CONNECTIONS MADE,  however please report any male posers!  Male and Female Artists are very welcome.  
Key Words; two, 2, girls, women, females, girl girl, soft lesbian, kissing, french kissing, catfighting, soft core, erotic, models, leg, upskirt, garters, high heels.
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