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Sbridge Act 4 by giratina23 Sbridge Act 4 by giratina23
Sbridge Act 4
Diamond Cutter
==>All: Arise
Shadow and Aishae simultaneously jerk awake and bump heads. A fantastic strife ensues.
Romuli comes to his senses, but it takes him a moment to realize it. The dazzling lights all around him almost seem like an illusion.
Sally jumps out of bed ready at last to play her round of Sburb. The previous nights curious dream fading away like snowmelt.
Zeldia comes to and goes a dark purple color. That was quite the dream… she remains a moment in bed trying to go back to sleep, still trying to recapture the dream. It’s futile though, which is probably for the best.
Henry wakes up, rolls over, and falls onto the floor. The long high finally ending, the hangover begins…
==>Choose your character
As much as I’m sure you’d love to do that, do you have any idea how difficult it would be to provide that option?
For the illusion of choice I will say simply that you choose to follow the dynamic duo. Where were they again?
==>Aishae/Umbrus: Strife!
Come now will you two please stop that?
Please you’re knocking down trees with this…
You’re on the same side for goodness sake…
This is really ridiculous…
It’s a stalemate after all; you know what the result will be!
Stop now!
==>Aishae/Umbrus: Ignore Broken Fourth Wall
While the shattered pieces of the fourth wall fly around you carried by the shouts of an infuriated author who can’t seem to get control of his characters, you perform a repetitive strife. Claws meet knives and rebound repeatedly, the recoil chopping down trees all around you. This seems awfully overpowered to both of you. A few brave imps watch from the sidelines, hoping not to die.
==>Aishae/Umbrus: ENOUGH!!!!!!!
One ill fated strike sends you both flying against opposite trees, in the time it takes to come back to your senses you both spot the imp audience. You dispatch of them swiftly, anger issues following close behind.
LD: Well… sorry bout that…
CC: Totally my fault, no harm done
LD: Oh
LD: Well in that case don’t do it again
CC: …
LD: Was your fault
CC: We’ll go with that…
==>Umbrus: Proceed With Caution
You continue into the forest, you see no more imps but red eyes peer at you from all sides.
CC: What do you think those are?
LD: I’d hazard a guess they might be your consorts…
CC: Consorts?
LD: It’s the name I gave the the lizard guys in my land
LD: They’re probably your’s
CC: My guess is they’re some sort of scout imps
LD: Scout imps?
LD: It’s not like they don’t know where we are
LD: That and they have yet to attack
CC: True…
CC: Should I talk to them?
LD: All you
==>Umbrus: Approach Consorts
You walk toward the edge of the trees and at once a team of green scaly creatures with bat wings swarm out. Dragons? What a convenient coincidence…
LD: Dragons?
CC: Yes?
LD: How is that fair?
LD: Dragons is literally in my name!
CC: Chumhandle
LD: Whatever
LD: I’m insulted
CC: Hold on, it looks like they’re offering us something
==>Umbrus: Receive Offering
You take the small treasure chest the dragons offer you and they vanish back into the trees as fast as they arrived.
LD: It’s probably booby trapped.
CC: …
CC: --snicker--
LD: What?
CC: Nothing…
CC: I don’t think it is, otherwise there’d be some sort of outside mechanism
LD: Rules like that don’t work here
LD: Or I doubt it
CC: I’m gonna go ahead and open it
CC: If it releases poisonous fog go on without me
LD: Will do…
==>Umbrus: Open Box
You flip the latch and ease open the box. There are no traps of booby or otherwise within. Instead there is a single set of night vision goggles and a strange contraption that looks like a modified grappling hook.
==>Umbrus: Test Hook
You point the contraption at the nearest tree you can spot and deploy the lever on the side. The next thing you notice is standing next to the tree. The thing took hold of the tree and yanked you forward so fast the between time was imperceptible. Aishae runs over to you.
LD: What was that?
CC: Some sort of grappler thing
LD: That was so fast I barely saw it!
CC: I didn’t feel a thing
LD: Well we can certainly use this to get around faster
CC: Maybe, problem is there’s no second grip
LD: --Embraces Umbrus--
CC: Um…?
LD: Go on~
==>Umbrus: Go On
You hide your red face by equipping the night vision goggles. You really didn’t realize how little you were seeing until you saw it all. A few ogres lumber across the edges of your vision and you see the huge roaming foot of the Cyclops in the distance. Skittering around the trees are six legged lizard things, you recognize as mandrakes. They seem to be covered in a fine coat of spines. Did they always have that?
However far more importantly you see off in the distance the first (second? Third?) gate. You must have walked right past the purple spirograph. You warn Aishae to hold on tight and fire the grappling arm right at the center.
CC: Hang on tight!
LD: I am!
==>Romuli: Duck
You sure as hell hope your consorts aren’t ducks, do you realize how much of a downer that would be?
The metal hand clunks against the side of your head and rebounds, latching onto one of your hive’s remaining two walls. Rubbing the swelling bump on your head you reflect on the wisdom of following orders rather than questioning motives.
==>Aishae: Squeeze
The split second it takes to shoot forward seems to last for a lifetime. You’re in each others arms as the wind whips past. The world slows to a crawl. Forget what you said earlier, you’re flush crushed.
==>Umbrus: Squeeze
Well… you’re holding onto her tightly enough you figure…
She may feel uncomfortable if you push it…
You can never guess what sort of thing she’s going to do next her unpredictability is kind of annoying.
Forget what you said earlier, you hate her.
==>Romuli: Greet Newcomers
Two figures appear on the other end of the rope, appearing just as out of nowhere as the rope itself. One is another troll, the other you recognize as a mythical human creature. You didn’t know they were real.
CL: Hello
CL: Aishae I presume? Surprised to see you alive
LD: Is it really?
CL: Well I suppose not
CC: Great to see we’re all bonding…
CL: Nice pet, pick that up in your land?
CC: --Eye twitches--
CL: And where’s Umbrus? He make it out okay?
CC: What am I invisible now?
LD: Um… Romuli
LD: This is…
CC: I can introduce myself thanks
CC: Umbrus Neox nice to make your real life acquaintance
CL: --Stares--
CC: I suppose I’m the only human in this session aren’t I?
CC: Oh well, I’ll cope
CC: I’m a better fighter than the dragon girl at least
LD: Excuse me?
CL: Wait just one second…
CL: This thing is sentient?
CC: And would prefer you didn’t call me a thing
CC: I told you my name Romuli
CC: Address me by it
CL: …
CL: Well gosh you sure are a lot less friendly on this side of the computer screen
CC: Give and you shalt receive
CL: I assume you’re banking on the lottery of nasty looks
CC: I’m armed you’re not
CC: If I were you I would stop spouting crap
CL: And I presume I should be frightened of a human?
CC: You damn well better be
CL: I’m guessing this is where Aishae jumps in and protects “me”?
LD: Actually I’m having fun
LD: If this turns into a strife I’d love to see the outcome
CC: --Twirls Triblade-
CL: It isn’t worth my effort
CC: That’s right
CC: Cover your ass
LD: Well if we aren’t fighting we should make our way to the fourth gate
CC: Wait up
CC: This guy is totally unarmed
CL: Yeah I’d like to kit out
LD: Okay, to use the alchemiter you…
CL: Shut up I know what I’m doing
CL: You two just collect some grist
CC: Actually Romuli I think the grist collecting should be your job
CL: What?
CC: We’ve already made some decent progress on the echeladder
CC: You on the other hand are still at the bottom rung
LD: He’s right you need the experience
CL: And how do you know what sort of equipment I’ll need?
LD: Give me a shopping list
CL: …
CL: Fine, just get me a good magic book and a heavy mage coat
CL: Preferably fireproof
CL: Use whatever you need
CC: Want us to get you something more portable to compute with?
CL: Use my spare glasses
CL: On the computer desk
LD: Right
LD: Want me to stick around and help strife?
CL: No
CL: I don’t trust this human
CC: Your loss
CL: And promise me one thing
LD: What’s that?
CL: You and your matesprite don’t go using my room for bucket filling
==>Umbrus: Hold Back Aishae
You really don’t have any idea what Romuli meant by that but Aishae seems offended to the point of murder. Her face has gone bright yellow again as you drag her away. You wonder if that’s healthy.
==>Romuli: Prepare To Strife
You pick up a dictionary blown this direction by Sally’s reckless server playing and equip it to your bookkind strife specibus. You are so glad that’s a thing.
==>Sally: Run Screaming
This is stupid!
The fact that some total stranger currently has godlike power over your household is way too much to take in at this very moment so you perform the only action you are completely confident in your ability to perform.
You run, and scream.
==>Zeldia: Try To Console Sally
empressButterfly began trolling snowyOwl
EB: um…
EB: Sally…?
EB: Sally?
EB: Please…
EB: Come to the computer…
==>Sally: Respond
You pause your hyperventilating long enough to see who’s pestering you.
SO: Oh… what do you want?
EB: Can you please calm down…?
EB: I want to deploy the alchemiter…
EB: But I don’t want to hurt you…
SO: Oh…
SO: Sorry…
SO: This is just a lot to take in…
EB: It’s okay
EB: Can you stand off to the side so I can deploy the machines please?
SO: You got it!
==>Zeldia: <>
He he, she’s so cute when she does that. You feel you really could become good friends with her. It’s almost as if…
That would be cheating on Aishae…
==>Sally: Test Devices
You simply throw a potted plant up there and crack open the Kruxtruder yourself.
The now familiar fifteen minute countdown begins.
Time to get serious…
==>Sally: Spritelog Monkey
You start chasing your purple monkey around the room, not noticing the kernel sprite hovering toward your closet.
Just as you grab a hold of the furry beast there is a bright flash of light from inside.
Uh oh…
==>Sally: Observe Sprite
You take a tentative look at the hovering sprite. It’s exactly as you feared. Looks like that slice of “the real Einstein’s brain” was actually a slice of Einstein’s brain. The sprite is a brain with a moustache. You quite honestly cannot imagine anything more repulsive than this…
==>Sally: Spritelog Something More Attractive
You dig around your room for awhile looking for something to add to this thing. Maybe a razor, but of course there are no razors in this household on account of there being no men.
You decide on your old copy of fable haven, nothing is prettier than a good old fashioned hardcover. You throw it over.
==>Sally: Talk With Brainsprite
SO: I suppose it would be time for me to receive some sage advice hmm?
BS: Not unless you require it young lady
BS: Pleased to meet your acquaintance my name is Albert
SO: Not anymore
SO: So long as you have your gray matter dripping out of your head I’m calling you Brainsprite, nothing else
BS: That is a little rude of you
BS: I would very much like to be addressed by my name
SO: A bit busy for pleasantries right now.
SO: That countdown clock is going down pretty quick…
BS: Ah, pretty quick, what a phrase
BS: I’ll have you know a minute on a hot stove lasts a lifetime but a minute on a park bench with a pretty girl is a blink of an eye
SO: Just give me that card!
BS: What card?
BS: Oh, I do seem to have such a thing in my pages…pages?
BS: I seem to have grown some perverse bird wings out of the pages of some tome, how peculiar
SO: I need that card!
BS: Dear me before that old countdown?
BS: It seems you still have a good ten minutes
BS: But as you wish
SO: Thank you…
==>Sally: Perform Ritual Of Growth
You know from what the others have all done you need to grow that tree. Unfortunately you weren’t watching all that closely when Romuli put his up, you really only remember the meteorite part of that.
Better get some professional advice…
==>Sally: Ask Troll For Aid
snowyOwl began pestering empressButterfly
SO: Hey I have the card
SO: Now what?
EB: Um… one moment…
EB: It looks like you need to um…alchemize it…
SO: Alchemize it?
EB: Yes
EB: You carve a totem with the card…
SO: And how do I do that?
EB: You get the kruxite from the Kruxtruder…
EB: Then carve it with the totem lathe…
EB: And put it in the alchemiter
EB: Then it should activate on its own
SO: Right
SO: But Romuli died even though he grew the tree, I can’t help but feel we’re missing some crucial detail
EB: That’s the rites of entry
EB: Everyone who enters the game as to perform a specific task with their tree in order to enter the medium
EB: I’m sorry… I can’t find anything else…
SO: That’s alright
SO: I’m certain I’ll figure it out!
EB: Good luck…
SO: Thanks
SO: I’ll need it
snowyOwl ceased pestering empressButterfly
==>Sally: Grow Tree
The whole system of alchemizing has grown old enough that the author insists you simply skip it. Which you do, after picking up broken shards of the fourth wall.
The tree grows on the alchemiter, big and blue. A bunch of bananas grow from its branches. This should be easy!
You quickly pluck one of the fruits and eat it, unfortunately nothing happens. With a certain level of chagrin you realize you probably have to eat all of these fruit. This won’t be fun…
==>Back To Romuli’s Land
Since none of us want to see the repulsive sight of Sally devouring bananas the screen pans back to the Land Of Glyphs And Crystals.
While Aishae and Umbrus do some experimenting with all sorts of cards and the like Romuli has attained the mirror mage coat. It’s heavy but you’re really proud of the fact it’s both reflective and sturdy. To top it off you’ve attained a copy of the magical book, Glass Wit. When opened it fires a volley of glass shards into the imps, ogres, mandrakes, and the other odd things that seem to be crawling upon you. The grist sure did pile up but you’re more worried about the gasoline blood that’s splattered over everywhere. This really has the potential to destroy your hive with one imp’s poorly aimed flamethrower.
You suddenly spot another imp; this one looks a little different. Either way it’s just an imp, even if it looks like its brain is outside of its skull…
==>Romuli: Scale Echeladder
Before you face this new, probably mediocre threat, you observe your echeladder. You’ve pulled up really close to the other two but it doesn’t look like you’re quite there yet…
Your current title is Inherent Wiseman. That doesn’t even make any sense compared to your Surrendered Space and Soul’s Bane (Umbrus and Aishae respectably) and you’re eager to continue.
==>Romuli: Strife This Bizarre New Creature
You fly at the new foe, book raised.
And stop.
This doesn’t make sense either; you were just flying at it!
A pink nimbus surrounds you as you struggle to free yourself from this strange trap. If only there was some way to get a message out to the other two, but it doesn’t look like you can reach move your mouth to give the speech code for your glasses.
==>Umbrus: Check On The Moron
You take a moment to observe the battle going on below. You may consider him unintelligent but alien battle style is not something to miss.
It looks like Romuli is being held in the air by some foul imp ability. You certainly don’t remember spritelogging anything with psychic powers. Obviously some moron from ahead of you made a big mistake…
CC: Aishae, go help him…
LD: Why? Don’t think he can handle it?
CC: I’m looking down on this fight and I’d have to say no
CC: From where I see it, it looks like he’s about to die
LD: Why don’t you do it?
LD: I’ve got this wild idea to make claws that stay on fire permanently!
CC: What did you do use the imp blood gasoline?
LD: Well yeah
LD: Not like you can judge, you grabbed one of those crystals that are growing up all over the place
CC: And almost got blown to bits in the process
CC: Did you see all the crazy mandalas he’s got going on there?
CC: One wrong step and your dead!
LD: They’re called glyphs, magic circles
LD: Has he died while we argue this
CC: Almost
CC: I think the imp is playing with its food
LD: Fine, I’m going
==>Aishae: Save This Oaf
You take a slow walk down to the battlefield. The imp in question looks like its brains are heaving out its skull. It looks worried as you approach, it must only be able to hold its psychic grip on one target at a time. You slay it at once. Stupid Romuli, going outside alone.
==>Romuli: Give Begrudging Thanks
CL: Thanks, not that I needed it
LD: Yeah he just had you right where he wanted you
CL: You don’t fight half bad
CL: For a girl
LD: No flirting with me
CL: Flirting?
CL: The way you act you’d be lucky to be my kismesis
LD: Aren’t you just adorable…
LD: Hold on, something’s coming…
CL: What?
You are both suddenly lifted simultaneously, a pair of ogres leaping out from behind towering crystals, oozing brain matter.
CL: Oh not again…
LD: You idiot!
==>Umbrus: Observe Commotion
Your attention moves from the new mythril Triblade to the outside window again. It sounded like Romuli and Aishae were posing some sort of argument. You half wonder if Romuli is trying to steal your, what was it? Kismesis? That was it.
Anyway it looks like they’re both in trouble now, and these big guys don’t look they’re in the mood for playing with food.
==>Umbrus: Do Something Awesome
CL: Well, I guess this is the end…
LD: Who spritelogged the Ouija board anyway?
CL: Hold on, I thought we couldn’t talk when held like this
LD: You couldn’t?
LD: That would be why you didn’t message us
LD: I suppose the bigger they are the weaker their psychic powers
CL: Oh well… nice fighting with you
LD: We didn’t…
There is a sudden swishing sound followed by a disgusting splatter. Aishae falls to the ground, performing a two point landing before murdering the second ogre.
CC: We need to get out of here!
LD: I noticed how many are there?
CC: I got a glimpse of a bunch of the new psychic guys coming from the other way, we need to move now!
LD: Right behind you
LD: Come on Romuli!
Romuli, for his part, was a little bit more shocked by the sudden landing and paused a minute to struggle to his feet.
CL: Stupid human…
==>ALL: Run For It
Umbrus tosses Romuli the grappling hook he was hoping to add some upgrades too. You only have two, would’ve had three except the grist ran out thanks to some idiot getting himself stuck in a psychic trap. With no other move to make you simply grab Aishae around the waist and swing forward. You escape by moving quickly between crystals.
We should probably get back to that human girl now.
==>Sally: Be Exhausted
You managed to stuff yourself with a very great number of these stupid bananas, you only have one or two more to go. Unfortunately the countdown clock reads you have barely a minute more to spare and so far it’s taken you over a minute to eat each banana…
This is trouble.
==>Sally: Scarf
You manage to stuff one more banana but the twenty second countdown timer makes you lose hope. You look at the meteorite, huge and red in the sky now, ready to take your last breath. But out of the corner of your eye you see Brainsprite, eating something…
The last banana!
You shoot the thumbs up to where you imagine Zeldia’s viewpoint to be. Light blue arcs of electricity envelop your house as the meteor finally leaves its tremendous impact.
==>Zeldia: Shock
You stare in shock as Sally gives you a thumbs up and disappears into the blue light. You imagine she has been brought into the medium, which means there are two of you left to enter. With a gigantic amount of trepidation you move over to your laptop and prepare to message your server player…
==>Team: Move With Haste
The team, it is a team now you suppose, or it will be soon, continues at its fast paced trek. Romuli is a bit behind Aishae and Umbrus, Umbrus having had more of a chance to get the hang of the grappler. Aishae lets herself be held as she holds her arms out, slashing away at any foes that approach from ahead of them.
You really can’t help but collect most of the grist since you fly right through it, but what little you risk Romuli takes the time to pick up.
==>Team: Take A Break
LD: Hey!
LD: Umbrus!
CC: What?
LD: I can’t see Romuli anymore
LD: I think we should stop and wait for him
CC: Good idea, my arm’s getting tired anyway
LD: Are you saying I’m fat?
CC: Other arm
CC: The one pulling both of us forward
LD: Oh
LD: But of course
CC: That looks like some sort of crystal cave coming up
CC: I’ve heard those things are really dangerous though…
LD: I say it’s as good of a place as any
CC: Well I’m sure we can deal with any imps we find in there
CC: Allons-y?
LD: What…?
CC: I suppose they don’t have doctor who on your planet?
LD: Oh yeah!
LD: They do
LD: I was never interested in it
CC: I guess to each their own
CC: Though I do find it hard to believe they have doctor who and you don’t know his catch phrase
LD: I’ve heard it!
LD: I just don’t know what it means
CC: Let’s go
CL: You guys!
CL: Wait up!
==>Team: Take A Pause
You come to rest in the crystal cave. There are a few strange frog-like creatures inside, probably Romuli’s consorts, but you really don’t care as they dart deeper into the cavern as you enter. At least their presence means its safe enough.
CL: It’s about time we stopped, night is falling
CC: We stopped to sleep a little while ago, we can go on
LD: Yeah, do you remember that weird dream?
CC: Not really…
LD: …
LD: Alright
CL: I need some sleep
CL: I just about passed out earlier
CL: Actually I think I did…
CC: Not real sleep though?
CL: No…
CL: Boy it is going to be so weird trying to sleep without a recupricoon…
LD: It’s surprisingly easy
CL: I’ll take your word for it…
CL: Goodnight you two…
LD: Night…
LD: Umbrus?
==>Aishae: Seek Umbrus
Umbrus seems to have gone off somewhere. You examine the front part of the cave for him but he isn’t there. The holes that the toads slipped through seem much too small for him to have gone through but you take a peek just in case.
Finally you find him sitting a little ways outside the cave. With night fallen a set of new glyphs seem to have appeared. Umbrus is tossing gems into them to produce a variety of multi-colored lights. You step through a few as you approach; you hope slightly it increases your appeal.
LD: Hey Umbrus
CC: Hey
LD: Didn’t see you leave
LD: --Sits next to Umbrus—
CC: I just needed some fresh air.
CC: The crystal smell isn’t as bad out here
CC: I didn’t even know crystals smelled like this before now
LD: Me either
LD: I don’t think we even have deposits like this on Alternia
CC: That your planet?
LD: Mhmm… What about your’s?
CC: We call it Earth
LD: Sounds pretty
CC: It is in some places…
CC: My dad always said that it was a better place before people screwed it up
LD: Why did people screw it up?
CC: For the resources
LD: Resources?
CC: There really was never enough to go around
CC: There may have been but with a population of seven billion even the slightest bit of greed can cause devastation
LD: Seven billion…?
CC: Surprised?
LD: Amazed… on one planet?
CC: Yeah, I kind of expected you guys to outnumber us
LD: Well no one’s ever performed a galactic census
LD: But it’s Alternian law that there can never be more than a half-million on any one planet and no more than a hundred thousand per moon
CC: It sounds like you all have the system pretty well figured out
LD: I suppose…
LD: There would probably be more of us but we have a lot of wars
CC: There’s one thing we share…
LD: Wars?
CC: Yeah, kind of depressing
LD: I wish we didn’t fight among ourselves so much
LD: With enemies on all sides why do we fight each other?
CC: For control…
LD: Yeah…
LD: Not that I know much about control, being a yellow blood…
CC: Yellow blood?
LD: You don’t have a hemospectrum do you?
CC: You mean like a caste system?
CC: Some places do
LD: How do they choose how high ranked you are?
CC: Usually by wealth, monetary value
LD: Money…?
CC: Kind of fickle isn’t it?
LD: Yes, it is
LD: We are ranked by blood
LD: Brown is the lowest and the aquatics, purple, are the highest
CC: Don’t tell me you’ve colonized the oceans?
LD: We have
LD: There’s a sub-race of trolls that live underwater
LD: The are the highest blood
CC: So where is yellow on this spectrum?
LD: Next to lowest…
LD: I’ll only live to see a century, maybe less
CC: You live longer the higher blood you have?
LD: Yeah…
LD: Purples can live many millennium
CC: So what color blood is Romuli?
LD: I’m not sure…
LD: How about you then? Does blood color simply mean nothing to humans?
CC: Less than nothing
CC: As a matter of fact all humans have the same color blood
LD: Incredible…
CC: And if it’s any consolation
CC: We’re lucky if we live to watch a century pass
LD: Oh…
CC: You know I noticed something interesting
CC: Even though we’re here in the medium so very far from planet Earth, the stars are the same
LD: Are they?
CC: Yeah, I found that interesting
CC: See that sort of V? We call that one Pisces
LD: Oh grub…
LD: I know those stars! Feferi!
CC: That’s what you call it?
LD: Yeah
LD: What about that one? Karkat?
CC: That’s Cancer
CC: You see if you arrange these stars here you can kind of see a lion?
LD: Nepeta
CC: Leo
CC: Where do you get your names?
LD: They’re based on a story of twelve trolls who saved Alternia in a time of great catastrophe
CC: We base ours on mythology, tales about greater beings with powers above ours
LD: Like a god?
CC: Like gods
LD: I don’t believe in gods
CC: Neither do I, but they make a good story
LD: I suppose they do
CC: But you know
CC: I think we’re carving our own story out here
LD: Oh?
LD: The next great adventure epic?
CC: I don’t know
CC: Maybe it’ll just be myth some day
LD: Well I think…
LD: --Nudges Closer—
LD: This might be a romance…
CC: Oh…?
Romuli: Wake Up
You really can’t sleep anyway; no slime is a really horrible way to take a rest. You look around for the other two and don’t see them. You walk outside to tell them you’re ready to go when you see them outlined against the moonlight. Two black silhouettes connected at the mouth.
You change your mind and return to the cave. Better give them a few minutes…
End Of Act 4
Somewhere far in the future…
???: Hold on, so English is there?
??: Quite the development isn’t it?
?: I can’t believe it…
???: This can’t be right!
???: That’s where my mom grows up!
??: And my brother!
????: What’s all the yelling?
?: Doesn’t your son grow up in that universe too?
????: My sister does…
?????: Hold on… I know this place…
?????: Dad!
??: This is trouble…
?: There’s a paradox coming
???: To say the least
????: Maybe we can guide them away
??????: Are you kidding?
??: About time you got here
??????: Well sooooory princess
??????: But honestly how do you expect to outrun him…
(8)(8): When he’s already here?
--Collective Gasp---
End Act 4 INtermission
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