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Light and Shadow Chapter 4: The Capital City
“You’re sure about this?” Shadow asked “this is kind of your last chance to back out.”
The two of them were standing in trees that overhung the railroad track. It was technically still the Everfree, but it was way on the outlying portion, Ponyville station was visible on the edge of vision. The tracks led north in the other direction en route to Trottingham, the Crystal Empire, and just a bit more locally, the kingdom of Canterlot.
“Of course I’m sure!” Lightning shouted back, bouncing a little on her branch “I wouldn’t have followed you all the way out here unless I was prepared to do something incredibly stupid.”
There was the distant sound of a steam whistle, the morning train was leaving the station “Get ready then Light!” Shadow shouted with a smile “here she comes!”
The train rolled slowly toward them, puffing along the track, building speed second by second. Lightning and Shadow were poised
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Light and Shadow Chapter 3: Lunar Visitor
Shadow pushed his way through the thick blanket of snow that had fallen overnight. The weather pegasi had officially declared it winter time and Shadow was psyched. He was on his way to Lightning’s house, not to stay though. They were planning to get some cake at sugarcube corner then go to his house for a sleepover.
It was his birthday after all, it was about time he had a good party…
Lightning’s house wasn’t situated in the good part of Ponyville but in a town like this one there was no bad part. It was only a small house in a block of others just like it but Shadow thought it was a very big house indeed, compared to his cottage at least.
Suddenly getting an evil idea, he rolled a snowball I his hoof before knocking on the door. The moment it opened he threw hard, the sound of snow splattering on a coat sounded from within.
“Ha-ha!” Shadow shouted gleefully “who’s quicker now…Light?” His voice trailed away as he realized h
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Light and Shadow Chapter 2: Orochi
“Light!” Shadow shouted, flying after the electric blue mane “Light! Stop!”
“You can’t tell me what to do!” Lightning shouted back at him, not breaking her galloping pace.
“Light, you’re going the wrong way!”Shadow yelled “That’s going deeper into the forest! That’s where the monsters are! Manticores! Cockatrice! Changelings!”
That seemed to get her attention, she slowed to a fast trot, letting Shadow catch up “Well we haven’t seen anything yet…” she said “actually I can’t see much of anything, how long have we been running?”
“I don’t know… five minutes?” Shadow said, his eyes adjusting a little bit better to the deepening darkness “I think we should turn back now..”
“I guess…” said Lightning “but which way is back? We’ve turned how many times?”
“We just follow the…” Sh
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Light and Shadow Chapter 1: Lightning Struck
Shadow Glared up at the red school building of Ponyville Elementary as he slowly trotted up the hill. It was the first day of the new school year and all around the playground and playstructures students new and old were running, screaming and playing, excited for the upcoming year.
One colt, however, was far from excited. As Shadow walked past Applebloom, who was working on fixing Scootaloo’s scooter, there was only one thing on his mind. What had happened one year ago today.
It was still a few minutes before school started, for which he was thankful. He flexed his wings, broad for his size, and ruffled them a bit. He took a small rubber ball out of his backpack and glared in concentration. He tossed it up in the air, then knocked it forward with a wing, then alternated, building up a steady rhythm. Right, left, right, left, right left, knocking the sphere against the painted wood in perfect rhythm, just like Dad had taught him…
The ball hit the grass behind him. He had t
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Light and Shadow Prologue: The Mystery Foal
Twilight Sparkle trotted along the snowy main street of Ponyville, looking around the empty stores. It was well past midnight and the Hearth’s Warming Eve festival earlier that night had wound down hours ago. She tugged the brown cloak around herself more snugly as a breath of wind tried to lift it away. Her horn glowed telekinetically, catching her cloak and freeing her hooves to keep pushing through the thick snow.
“This snow is ridiculous,” she muttered to herself as she diverted some of her magic to assist in clearing the path “the way this is going, I’d almost think Discord’s returned.” She sighed “I guess I shouldn’t joke about that, especially not when I’m going to meet the princess…”
Twilight shook a bit of snow off her hood, beginning to wonder now if this wasn’t some elaborate prank by Spike. She very much doubted the princess would even be awake at so late an hour, let alone come out in the cold a
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Sbridge Act 6Already There==
Sbridge Act 6
Already There
==>Aishae: Force Server Game Upon Hapless Ally
No matter how much crap you drop on Henry he doesn’t seem to be in any mood to wake up. Instead you simply begin building items. You abscond from opening the Kruxtruder just yet. You have no idea just when he’s going to be waking up and you have no obvious interest in killing him.
==>Henry: Wake Up
The sound of the alchemiter falling into your room finally rouses you from your nasty hangover nap. The sight of these technological terrors finally sobers you.
Your next thought is naturally that you are still drunk
==>Aisha: Make This Moron Sober
luckyDragongirl began pestering zombiesBlade
LD: Hey, Henry was it?
LD: Wake up and smell the roses, it’s time to play!
ZB: Just give me a moment to wake up sweetheart…
LD: Would you just hurry it up already?
LD: We’ve got a game to play
ZB: Oh come on I don’t even get points for the epic hunger games reference?
LD: No
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Sbridge Act 5
Sbridge Act 5
Spatial Rend
==>Sally: Observe
You heave yourself to your feet and immediately shield your eyes. The light from Prospit is glaring particularly harsh here, not that you know its Prospit. You take your first step forward and nearly step on a frog. Frogs? Oh god there are a lot of frogs everywhere. As your eyes finally grow accustomed to the bright light you see hordes of them, it may as well be the second plague. Perhaps even more incredible than the frogs however is what exactly the fools are hopping around on. Flowers, huge flowers, large enough to hold a large trailer home alone. There are so many flowers you can’t see the actual ground. You wonder if there is any actual ground, or if these flowers make up the entire planet their roots entangling somewhere in the center. It doesn’t matter right now however, since it looks like your house is mostly intact. The players from the sessions ahead of you don’t seem to be showing up just yet so you should get
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Sbridge Act 4 by giratina23 Sbridge Act 4 :icongiratina23:giratina23 1 1 Sbridge Act 3 by giratina23 Sbridge Act 3 :icongiratina23:giratina23 5 1
Sbridge Act 2
Sbridge Act 2
The Game's Afoot
==>Play Sburb
You cannot play Sburb, you are a troll Aishae you moron. You have the game Sgrub which just so happened to finish loading.
Nothing else is happening.
You take a moment to wonder what the hell is going on, the only thing on your screen is a spirograph, that and the obnoxious pestering of your would be server player.
==>Answer Umbrus
cometChaser began pestering luckyDragongirl
CC: Alright I see you, sweet character btw; the horns are a brilliant touch
LD: I think something's wrong with my game
CC: What makes you say that?
LD: All I have on my screen is a stupid circle pattern thingumadoodad
CC: Well it looks like your characters playing a computer, maybe it's a glorified loading screen
CC: Get some food or something while you wait this may take awhile
LD: Okay
CC: Wait! Your character just stood up.
LD: Oh lemme see!
CC: And sat back down…
LD: Are you trying to screw with me?
CC: Now she looks angry, who's screwing with whom now?
CC: You're th
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Sbridge Act 1
A Homestuck Fanfiction
As weird as I find it I have to make sure anyone reading this knows the following things, which should be obvious.
I do not own homestuck, any of the characters of homestuck, any of the ideas of homestuck or any of the art of homestuck. If homestuck came up with it you can be a million percent sure it isn't mine. My characters are the ones that obviously belong somewhere else. Please, have a lick of sense.
Character List (Really for my benefit)
cometChaser-Umbrus Neox
snowyOwl-Sally Warner
cerebralLight-Romuli Mindai
luckyDragongirl- Aishae Neoxia
empressButterfly-Zeldia Tricka
Act 1
The Bridge
A classic story starts to unfold, a young man, glasses, a cluttered room with the door with the Sburb First Release poster on the door. As you can guess it was thirteen years ago this boy was given life it is only today he will be given a name.
==> Enter Name
"Nerdbert Stinkface"
The name entry screen is suddenly pierced by the sharp e
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Shadow Animation by giratina23 Shadow Animation :icongiratina23:giratina23 2 0


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