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The Gun
    Admire                                                           the
              Observe how all the pieces fit together much like clockwork to create this                       Do you believe
     gun.  marvellous invention. You say they murder but do they? Is it these sweet                     it is  the gun
See how   fits   
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The Monster
Convoluted words irritate,
As they cannot be carved by my lips.
Instead, these scraggly words
Take their own shape,
Ruled by desire as they are –
Prowling cats with their  own agendas,
That does stare unblinkingly unfazed
While I lapse into silence.
Why do I even bother?
To tame the monster that yowls,
And screeches nonsense
Into the empty spaces?
Could it be that this creature,
Fantastical as it seems, consumed by madness
Bears an uncanny resemblance to me?
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My pet seal-turtle-bunny thing! (with three eyes) by giraffewithstripes My pet seal-turtle-bunny thing! (with three eyes) :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 0 0
She Was Winter Prologue
Three words: I hate you.
They were like acid bubbling off of my lips. Such vicious words, they were the words that ate into the heart of a stranger, portrayed clearly in their wounded eyes. Everything was a swirl of red as I spat: I hate you. The white walls seemed to taunt me as I screamed. Everything was vain.
Even though there were no happy memories there, even though she slowly wasted away there... That room was special. That room wasn’t theirs. They did not deserve such a room, a room that belonged to someone else, so significant, so special, so loved. But she was gone. And that was left was this room: a testament to her. And there that person laid; their existence a pollutant to this place... They mocked me with their presence. They tortured me with that fact they got to live...
I hate you. You’re the reason she’s dead.
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Story of a Sinking Ship by giraffewithstripes Story of a Sinking Ship :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 1 0 Most epic superhero EVERRR!!!!! by giraffewithstripes Most epic superhero EVERRR!!!!! :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 0 0 Cute chibi couple by giraffewithstripes Cute chibi couple :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 1 0 Adorable dinosaur couple by giraffewithstripes Adorable dinosaur couple :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 3 1 HIGH FIVES TO THE MAX!!!!! by giraffewithstripes HIGH FIVES TO THE MAX!!!!! :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 4 3 Some people are just too awesome. Namely Tomska by giraffewithstripes Some people are just too awesome. Namely Tomska :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 3 0
The Reflection in the Mirror
My empty screams blend
With the shaking tears
Of a girl left alone
In the dark
Trapped with your nightmares,
She’s told to face reality as it is.
You watch from a distance,
As you see the scene turn grim.
Your hands outstretched to reach her
If only you could hear her,
Say the innocent never last.
Can you hear her screaming?
Though outside she tries to smile,
Soon it becomes pointless,
As her world crumbles down
Shed a little light on her life,
You’ll only see an empty room
Covered with pictures of you –
And a mirror to the right.
You’d say that she wasn't guilty,
But she wears a white dress
Stained red, with the tears of one
She never knew.
She never knew at all
Did you like it while she bled dear?
Were you angry that she left you?
With a pricking stab,
A drop of blood,
For all the heart that she’d gave,
You never understood,
Because she never told you;
I wonder if you’d listen,
If she spoke of the reasons why?
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The Time is Not Over
The time is not over
The clock has not spoken
Don’t give up
We’ll make it through
Don’t forget I’m there with you
This feeling lingers, burns through your veins
Don’t forget I’m holding you
Heavy breathing
The thrum of machinery
I’m no longer sure
If it’s yours or mine
But  the time has not 
This is not over
Though your blood runs cold,
I’ll fight on...
Fingers locked
The tears flow on
But the time is not over
The clock has not spoken
Don’t forget
Your hands in mine
This feeling lingers, burns through your veins
Though your blood runs cold,
I’ll fight on...
Don’t forget I’m holding you
Though your blood runs cold,
I’ll fight on...
But the time’s progressing
Can you hear the screaming?
Don’t give up
I’m holding you
This feeling is lingering
Strangling and biting
Don’t give up
I’m holding you
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The phoenix by giraffewithstripes The phoenix :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 2 0 Whether air or water by giraffewithstripes Whether air or water :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 0 0
That you speak
That you do
That you never knew
That you change
That tell the truth
That don't do what you say
That linger and bite
That hang in the air
You wish were knew there
That scar
They made you who you are
:icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 0 0
Manga girl faces by giraffewithstripes Manga girl faces :icongiraffewithstripes:giraffewithstripes 3 2


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  • Listening to: I miss you- Blink 182
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This can be just from tiredness but when I was listening to Blink 182 I miss you, I got the really really weird feeling I was in a movie montage or a music video...Someone needs to take away the speakers, it's too weird... I think it's the intro that does it or the fact I went to bed at five something in the morning...

Still haven't slept as much as I should've, I have trouble sleeping in the day unless I'm in something that's moving like a car, because for some reason that makes me reallllyyyyy sleepy...See I can write other characters incredibly well, so much to the point that when I reread it I'm thinking did I really do this? But when it comes to me all I can do is ramble and ramble on...

Well, I'll see you guys, I've got some packing to do, but I'm feeling lazy and I felt like quickly writing about that strange experience. I think it'd be pretty awesome to be in a music video though, linking back to the above.

Bye! I might not be on deviant for awhile so seee youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!


I am a Christian. I am doing GCSEs in French, Art, English, Triple Science, Maths, OCR PE. My favourite subject is Art and English and my worst is Maths.


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