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Beta sprites remake

I've found that the book "Satoshi Tajiri: New Game Design" had various sprites on the cover, so I've remade them.
While some clearly come from Pokemon Red & Pokemon Green beta version, others have an unknown provenance.
Maybe they were also planned for Pokemon.

If you want to use them, no need to ask, but please give credits (both for Game Freak and me).

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Awesome sprites! I can't find the walrus-like thing for the life of me but whatever, awesome to see people like you bring these obscure factoids to the public! :)
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Thank you !
I searched a bit but I couldn't find the walrus anymore either... Pretty sure I haven't invented it though XD
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Hehe maybe it's on another page? Or maybe you just made it up for fun who knows ^^
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Re: Have been documenting some stuff and yup, the walrus is indeed on the sheet. Below the text logo, to the left, right below the line of three flowers.

Also thanks again for making these sprites, they're all incredibly accurate!

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This is very nice! I love beta stuff. Even heard of Blue (or Green if you prefer this way), Heroine which was meant to be included in Pokémon R/G/B/Y? Artwork with her was even featured in the gaming guide/manual as I've heard. Finally she came out in FR/LG...

Well, old friend of mine did amazing job in trying to reconstruct her sprite based on these artworks and one official comic, please check… ,… or… if you have some free time ;)!
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Of course I already heard of her, she's also one of the main protagonists on Pokémon Special.
The sprites are very good!
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a cat sprite is in there? thats really intresting, like follow in the anime are supposed be appear.
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I if remember correctly, there's a dog in a picture for the anime.
Thanks for the fav' by the way!
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no problem, i like collect beta/proto stuff.
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The coffee mug makes sense: apparently in an earlier build you were tasked with bringing that old man in Veridian City his coffee so that he would let you pass.

But a key? A basketball? :iconlolwhutplz:
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Isn't it supposed to be Fresh Water?

Well, maybe those items where also just here to illustrate the book.
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