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Hey ^^
I'm GiraKoth (just call me Gira like everyone else though XD)

I do some retro stuff sometimes, that's mostly what you'll find here. I draw a bit too but I don't have a really good level so you won't see anything for now XD

I would like to produce that kind of things where when you play/read/watch it you're ending like "wow, what did I just played/read/watched" (in the cool way, not the "it was shit" way). But that may take a lot of time because I don't know yet which form it will take neither what I will do exactly.

Feel free to drop a message if you want to talk a bit :)
Hi there! I'm alive (seems it's a joke each time I post a journal entry :) (Smile))!

So I recently stumbled on an art thief account on deviantArt. I won't give its name for various purposes though, the idea is not to go and bash him.

Anyway. The account was already suspect when I first saw a few of its deviations : different style on each one, from furry, comic to manga-style. Plus the account was only two days old, and posted new submissions every 5 minutes maybe. Weird isn't it?

I checked some of the manga-style submissions for sources, and found that each one of them came from different pixiv users. The thief simply took the art, added its own logo, its watermark and done! I informed the different original owners I found about the thievery, giving them the link, then engaged a discussion with our suspect to inform him about what he was doing.

He didn't really hid the fact that he was stealing, I quote his answer : "ye right Love " ; And somewhere else : "I hate when some people seing that I'm stealing artwork" (unless he was trying to use the word say instead of see). Then he told me it was old art he did in 2009.
...Yeah and japanese people probably hacked his computer and posted his art on various Pixiv accounts 5 years later. How weird is our world I wonder :o (Eek) 

Anyway, he then blocked me because that's what people do when they can't handle the truth, they block you. That's why social networks are so convenients compared to real life apparently. I have eventually kept screenshot of our interaction since he also hid my comments. Denial at its best Smoking 
I also love how on one of its ""deviation"", you can read "Full View will be set when you all donate me until i can get "CORE members status"". Yeah that's not as if I could search for the original source of your stolen art to have the full view though.

That aside, I reported a few of his ""deviations"" giving the link to the original source. Unfortunatly, I can't do much more because deviantArt wants you to be the original owner (or a representant) to report a user for art thievery. What a joke. I guess it avoids spam of fakes reports though. I hope to have an answer of the artists I've contacted to see if we can do something about it.

I know that maybe it could be going too far for some people, but I really don't like it when people stole someone art and claim it as their own, giving no source or anything. And if you think that it doesn't hurt anyone, that's not a reason to let it pass in my opinion. It's almost like supporting it.


Now, I can also understand why would someone do that. You can use stolen art to build fame around yourself, yay people will think you're super cool (since apparently those days, being super cool equals having lot of followers/watchers/whatever you want). But that's not how it works.

If you want to be famous, work for it. I do watch a lot of people here on deviantArt, who while they are not really good artists yet (I don't say it in a pejorative way of course), they work a lot to improve. And while I may not comment often on what they do, I enjoy seeing how they evolve week after week, really :D (Big Grin) 


Anyway (okay I do use a lot of anyways XD), I've seen a couple of months ago discussions on the internet about an increasing amount of art thieves but never encountered such blatant situation, so sorry for the long rant about it. I know it's apparently (and unfortunatly) more common than it seems, but what's your opinion on it? Do you think deviantArt should allows for more ways to act against it?

Thanks for reading anyway (if someone ever read this XD).
Please have a good day!


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