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My Little Epona Custom

This is my own custom that I worked on for a while. Its Epona from Legend of Zelda. More specifically the Ocarina of Time version. I added a bridle to her since I always wondered how the heck Link lead her around without one! LOL She was fully repainted, airbrushed and sculpted.
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This looks amazing! You did such a good job. She's so cute!

Because I'm a horse nerd, I will explain: a bridle isn't needed to control a horse to tell it which way to go. The rider can steer the horse (if the horse has been trained to respond to these commands alone without the use of a bit, bridle and reins) by applying pressure to the horse's side using their legs. They can also tell the horse to speed up, slow down, and back up by using a combination of leg pressure and the way that they are sitting in the saddle (and technically, they don't even need a saddle to do that!) Horses are sensitive and highly intelligent creatures and if they trust their rider, they will do just about anything for them.
I always loved that Link and Epona didn't need a bridle to communicate to each other, that meant that their relationship was one of ultimate trust.

Probably a bit TMI for a comment, lol, sorry! It's late for me.
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Wow that is really fascinating! Thanks for the info :) 
Arcanine-lv-Ninetale's avatar
wow and i am a big fan of zelda and epona(was wondering the same on how she never had a bridle) but this is actully perfect! im surpried next you need link xD jk
Purrclops's avatar
Wow nice, you did a great job!
I don't even like horses much so same goes for epona, but this is just epic and cute xD
I would totally buy it~
Gippaloo's avatar
Aww well thanks so much, I am glad you like her :)
Purrclops's avatar
You're very welcome :>
XoxPikachuxoX's avatar
Wow. Just wow. I love this so much! >.<
dewinthesky's avatar
aww how freaking cute!!!!!
Midnalover1000000's avatar
first of all I dont know how Link led Epona around either lol but I dont know how u made this it is just amazing!
Gippaloo's avatar
Thanks so much!! :)
SilverEyeShinobi's avatar
Wow! talk about messing with my little ponies! XD Personally, I would buy this. XD
SIeepyBears's avatar
wow thats SO COOL!
nightcrawlerash13's avatar
AWWWW!! SOOO CUTE!!!!!! You did a wonderful job :)
Gippaloo's avatar
THANKS very much!!! :)
Yaoi-Girly's avatar
I think I'll kil you just so I can have this.
Gippaloo's avatar
Uhh lol You will have to kill the owner then, she was sold a while ago. :P
Yaoi-Girly's avatar
ZorotekSubtourqe's avatar
kewl to the EXTREEEEME
Gippaloo's avatar
What Kind of airbrush did you use? I want to use one for my own custom but apparently there are quite a few different kinds -_-
Gippaloo's avatar
hi there! Thanks so much for your comment! I use an airbrush that I got from ebay, its not a namebrand airbrush or anything...If you just search for airbrushes and compressors on ebay you will get a ton of different options :) I suggest using a dual action airbrush with gravity feed with a compressor :) If you need any more help or advice I will be happy to oblige!
Enaicioh's avatar
*gasp* AWWWWW!! :excited: I love it! Job well done on the sculpting and airbrushing--she looks like an official limited edition pony :clap:
Oh my god she is adorable! You did an awesome job!
Kipcha-Wolfbane's avatar
This is brilliant! It must've taken a long time to do. I can see that a great deal of care and attention has gone in to this. She looks like something you would see on sale in a shop, I wish she was. You must be very proud of it.
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