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Super Heroine

Super Heroin showed up to stop evil Jennifer.
From Jennifer's game comic…
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She protect she attack she destroys the city while doing all that

Are your comics getting good sales? Bcoz I myself am thinking of creating comic and I wanna make sure it is profitable.

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Wait, there is a continuation to "I am Shrunk"?

is it available right now?

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Power rangers were my first superhero, so this makes me happy! :D

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Hmmmm before she stops Jennifer's evil deeds. Maybe she should watch where she lands first. Kaiju fight commence!

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lol you are right where she stood.

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Ha! Good one. Either way this is well done..I'm curious who is this evil Jennifer now.

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Jennifer sensei.


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I see. Now I get it...she's gonna fight the teacher. Nice!

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please don't tell her about the people she accidentally crushed , she is sensitive about it

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She would freak out cuz she doesn't hurt innocent.

AWESOME!!!! I love this one so much!! You nailed it!! 😍😍🥰🥰🤩🤩

Oh this should be good. Nice work.

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Heroine with the e, or else it'd be the drug word.


Kick-ass and beautiful! I love that~


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Super Giantess eats criminals, save citizens

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