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Small World: begging for food

And that solved the hunger problem. 
Beggars's life is not good.

more Small World comic at
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Pathetic little bugs, they deserved to get squished for interrupting her ice cream :p

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To her, Ice cream is more important than tiny.

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Well, if she sold the ice cream she's already partially eaten, it would be worth a lot more than those tinies, so it makes sense ;)

You can create more based on this girl. This girl is so beautiful

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What program do you use to draw?😍😍

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pen, paper, photoshop.

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What brushes do you use?

giorunog's avatar

The basic brushes

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Cruel and merciful hehehehe~

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Terrific! I love it! :)

Would love to see the full comic this is just absolutely gorgeous

That girl looks absolutely gorgeous and even her heels. She definitely deserves to be in a story comic like the previous ones and who knows maybe it can be in a different story comics or something good looks great😉

Well,she could eat some food in front of them and then throw the leftovers in a trash bin enjoying the fact that she could save the family their size just by giving them these leftovers but she just mocked them.Spoiled rich girl, whose parents did everything to be ensured that she would never know what hunger it, mocks the famine tinies.

She was just saving them the trouble. If they're no longer alive, they can no longer be hungry or need to care for family. The girl's a hero, idk what you're talking about man.. 😅😍

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^^; It is a tough society for tiny.

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How thoughtful, if she were to feed them, they'd definitely bother the next woman too.

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haa yes, she was caring for others.

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I love the casual evil XD

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Man..I would of given them a piece of food..poor family.

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you are nice one.

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