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Dva crush 2

61K Views got something for him from Dva Crush 2 comic…
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Macrophilia O,O

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Hello, can you reupload your story "Date with giantess"?
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I lost the story. :(

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he's about to progress to the boss room :))))

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Look I’m a loyal fan of your work and all. Your art style is wonderful. But don’t take this personally but . . . Your ability to tell a story is really aweful. The Automata one is full of plot holes, I don’t know what your thinking on the Samus one, and I could just go on but the bad grammar and story telling it just kills your otherwise unique art style
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how high is your standard for fetish material?

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Thank you for good input.

you can point out the flaw in story, I will try to improve in next work.

To list the holes in the Automata Storyline, as being based in the story of the games:

1) Why/How Exactly did the Pod turn traitor, that was never explained

2) Why/How did 9S literally not hear the commotion of a Giantess wrecking the camp until they were all dead

3) If 9S was fine all along, literally 2B could have just radioed him or the resistance could have just pointed her in his direction

4) How did literally no one notice an Engels (that Goliath Class Machine) waltz into the City Ruins

5) How did no one in YoRHa Command not question that 2B just destroyed their biggest ally in a losing war?

6) How in the world did 9S just happen coincidentally to get infected. Seriously.

7) 9S like all YoRHa get revived in the end so why is 2B crying. There wasn’t any emotional stake in this story.

8) Again and I have to stress this. How is a machine that isn’t even shown to be all that sapient able to betray YoRHa. And why would it?

9) 2B got a Giantess body. . . Seeing as she isn’t in the inner circle am I supposed to believe YoRHa Command just passively let her take that body and kill their allies no questions asked?

Conclusion: I’m not at all sure how many of your fans actually bother to read your content. But since it’s stamped on the page as a consumer who pays money to see them, I got to tell you it’s pretty cringe just how the story just collapses under its own convolutions.
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he came for the plot! hehe!

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