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Ohohohoh, and now that I've discovered that noise-effect, it seems a real cartoon frame ;_; 
Little satisfactions! 

If you're curious, I made a wips-progression video, starting from the first crappy sketch to the final result! 
Feel fee to go anche check

Enjoy pals!
Art by ME 

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RED Scout, you've got incoming from your right!
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And then Scout said "Inhale my dong enragemend children" XDD 
Epic work :la:
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Dat red scout is MLG only to be rekt by his counterpart c:
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Great illustration ... fantastic facial expressions. (Note to Scout: listen kid, I'm gonna pull your sweatpants down and spank you. Ya hear me??!!!)
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a wild pack of scouts in their natural habitat
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WOW! I really love your style! It's fantastic! smile 
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Gahagah :D thank you so much
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really love the dynamic pose and the lighting. And that drawing style, real sick yo ^^
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*O* Thank you very much!! You're so kind!
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T.H.A.N.K. Y.O.U.
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I am in love! but this question still remains, how do you draw so cartoony?! can you do like a tutorial or how did you learn this? I would be really thankful if you'd tell me :3
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Oh man, thank you, I'm flattered
Actually, I don't really know how to answer your question! I developed this style in years, I got inspired by great artists and studied Comic Art at a private Accademy... it is natural for me to draw like this now XD 
To be honest, if I'd have to make a tutorial, I woudn't know where to start from XDD 
But is there any kind of specific infos I can give you? 
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Well, damn! I have tried to draw like this in photoshop, but I ended up with a pile of crap on my screen.
If it is hard for you to make a tutorial it might be easier for you to just film your screen while working on a project.
And what program do you use to make this?
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I know this doesn't answer completely you question, but I provided two wip-progression videos about this and my last Tf2 pieces… hope this could satisfy your curiosity a little! ^_^
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definition of amazing.
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Damn, watch out RED Scout! The BLU one is right behind yoooouu.... And you are dead. Not big surprise. Llama Emoji-48 (I'm Cool with Mah Sunglasses) [V2] 

OKay okay, this is looking so cool :excited: Amazing work!
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XDDDD Thanks for this little RP piece, that's lovely XDD
By the way, thank you a lot!! :glomp:
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QuQ how did you do the noise?
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:D Nice effect, isn't it? 
New layer, fill layer with a random color, multiply, filter -->noise! <3 <3
DONE! magic photoshop! 
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