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We are finally ready, I'm the testimonial of this new project about wargamer world.Take a look and support the kickstarter if you like it!  Let's go bakers!…
i HOPE YOU LIKE THE PROJECT and share and support it if you are interested, and please be kind with my English pronunciation :P
Thanx ^^
Dear friends,
finally after 3 years I'm proud to show you GiorgiaCosplay 2.0; in the site you'll find all the new galleries about cosplay and modeling that often I put as  previews here or on my facebook page. I added a lot of new pics, new backstage, reports of my cosplay journeys and invitations ,new media and soon there will be great surprises! Bio and Blog sections are not available by now, but I hope to put them on line asap.
I hope you enjoy my new site!

Ci siamo! Dopo tre anni di gestazione e rimandi finalmente sono orgogliosa di presentarvi la versione 2.0 di GiorgiaCosplay! Troverete vecchie e nuove gallery, di tutti i servizi non ancora pubblicati ma che avete visto con numerose preview on line in questi mesi qui su Fb o DeviantArt; ma anche resoconti di molti eventi a cui ho preso parte, una sezione Media nutritissima, zeppa di video, articoli, interviste, flier e vario materiale che si è accumulato nel tempo e finalmente trova una giusta e ordinata collocazione.
Non c'è proprio tutto ma, nelle prossime settimane gli update saranno certamente corposi .
Come noterete due sezioni non sono ancora disponibili, Bio  sara' completata dopo Lucca Comics mentre per il blog..beh è prevista un'altra sorpresa ^_^.
Ricreare da zero  il mio sito, riorganizzare il materiale e aggiungere tutto quanto ha richiesto molto impegno sotto ogni punto di vista; vorrei ringraziare le persone che mi hanno aiutato di piu' in questa titanica impresa, la web designer Petra Lucchini, Roberto Corsaro e Frank Ruspa e ovviamente Demis Albertacci e Daniele Faccioli, i miei fotografi "ufficiali" .
Con buona probabilita' potrebbero saltare fuori dei bug qua e la, abbiate fede risolviamo tutto il prima possibile. Per il resto buon divertimento con GiorgiaCosplay 2.0.
Finally my official App is now available on iTunes Appstore now!
I hope that all my friends,fans and followers will download it and enjoy fantastic features and clips :)
GiorgiaCosplay App


More details...


Cosplay is the acronym for Costume PLAYer. Cosplayers are the people that plays famous character from movies, comics, videogames or cartoons. There are cosplays so perfect, that are better than originals. That cosplayers change their hobby into a professional work. Giorgia Cosplay is one of the most popolar professional cosplayer into the world. She is a model, singer, actress; she is beautiful and this is her official app. Discover Giorgia by five character:

-Black Cat
-Lara Croft
-Sailor Pluto

Soon will be available also:
-Principessa Leila
-Mai Shiranui
-Wonder Woman

Every character is interactive: touch the screen or the buttons "Speak", "Action!" and "Zoom", and you can interact with the Giorgia Cosplay's character. Make her moving, jumping, fighting like the originals character she plays!
You can also save Giorgia's pictures in your library or share her on Facebook. Enjoy Giorgia Cosplay App for iPhone and you can have you favorite characters in your pocket!

A card collection of my videogame cosplay...btw Morrigan and jade are still missing I hope to take the shooting asap !

For all my friends and followers : Tomorrow for Valentine day I'll send a pin and signed Giorgiacosplay card, to the first 5 likes on Valentine's day post  on…:) Love, Giorgia
A tutti gli amici e coloro che mi seguono, domani in occasione di S.Valentino, un piccolo pensierino.Ai primi 5 like sulla mia pagina… nel post di S.Valentino cartolina con dedica e spilletta......perchè voi valete :***

Soon...stay tuned!

Me as Wonder Woman during last episode of the Italian sit com "Gamers" sponsored by Game Stop :)

If you click… 3.55 you'll see me with the big cake for the 100th !
Creamy Mami rules!

Me in dark outfit ;) shotas taken during the latest camera takes for sit come Gamers :)



I'm m thinking to do a modeling shooting in dark version ^_^
Ok guys, maybe you don't know that, beside cosplayer, I'm an actress for Italian tv-sketches and sit com, you can see some of my performances on these links :

Base Luna……


and , as Giorgiacosplay, for the sit com "Gamers" for Game Stop shops (some examples)………

During the latest  camera takes, I dressed as Jade from Mortal Kombat and Black Widow from the a funny pic while I was stoling a pneumatic :)

I'm going to do a new cosplay, Non Non by Shunya Yamashita...I like her very much but I'm quite doubtful abou the version.


Pink one is the most classic

Black one,is elegant but maybe remember too much my Kasumi black version

Fucsia -red one is particular with the different dress back

Which is your fav?
Lucca Comics and Games is the most important Italian con about comics, manga, anime and games.
I attended in cosplay and for work reasons, but thanx my press accredit I had the chance to meet the "Weasley twins" during the signs session and the conference, it was really funny ^_^

Just to show you my latest great goal...neko geta :)

All the story begins in january 2010 when I found an unbeliveable beauty image of the great french "mangaka" Aurore a.k.a Black Cat.
Maybe a lot of people knows very well her incredible works, if no you can easily see theme here :

I felt immediately in love with th main female carachter of the serie Pixie, called Elvynn: she is a beautiful and magical warrior that lives her adventure in a fantasy world.
I love her green smoked hair, her sword,her outfit and her kindness, but overall I loved her in this special illustraiton.

Just because this is the only image available of her in this suit, I asked Aurore if she could help me with rest and expecially for the back; she was really really kind and send me some sketches that helped a lot for the making of .
So I decided to make this costume and to show my work directly to Aurore during Japan Expo (Paris) 2010, where we had the chance to take some pictures togheter.
I was able to do the whole shooting for Elvynn only few weeks ago, in a suggestive Italian Fantasy location, trough the wood and a dismissed castle...
in next days I'll upload some previews picture ( including with the back decoration as in the illustration) of the set that will be available on my site at the end of July...I really hope you enjoy this preview ^_^

I want to show you some of my latest pics, for Kokoro Maki nippon wear, an Italian brand inspired from manga and kawai carachters,hope you like them.
If you are interested in these t shirts and other accessories you can visit the site here… ^_^



Warner Bros Italy asked me to make a Jade costume for promotional pourposes..I'm really really in trouble..which is the best version in your opinion?

Iìm going to make Miss Doronjo outfit from the famous anime serie Yatterman...which is the best outfit in your opinion?
The classic, the remake one, or the festish of the movie?

This time I'm gonna sell some of my costunes; the firstis the cosplay of Sailor Lead Crow, I dressed only one time few years ago.
The costume includes:


-2 armcuffs
- 1 wrip
-the body with the black "triangles"
-The boot covers
-the diadema feather with the star
- a new (never used!) long orange wig
- the sailor with the black feathers
-  the earrings


It's made by elastic shining lycra fabric so it could fit well tg 42-44-46 (European size), the boot covers is suit for a 39(Eu) but they can adjust very easily ^_^
So if you are interested in it please send me a pm!

then there is Mira (from an Italian comic)
this is the reference pic
but you can see all the gallery here :…
the costume include everything (included wig and glasses) but the gun


and last but not least Vanja from another Italian comic by Enzo Troiano.


the costume include the dress, the arms,and the diadema.
You can see all the gallery here :…
Maybe you know I was featured with my Wonder Woman costume on the Italian version of the famous magazine Vogue, but maybe you don't know that I was always in the same magazine with my Iori ( I's) sailor suit....with a photomanipulation to make me a manga.... I'm scared abou the result **

So finally during Lucca Comics (the most important Italian con, held during Halloween week end)I was able to dress my latest cosplay, totally redone,Morrigan from Dalkstarkers, in purple version (that I prefer); I had no time to redone the stockings, but for the official shooting probably even them will be light purple not pink.It's not a great shot maybe but Im, so proud about the final result and expecially about the wings ;)