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Hi everybody,

Long time no see, eh?  Fanime 2012 was this weekend at San Jose Convention Center as usual, and I took along my brand new toy: my Panasonic Lumix GX1.  Because of that, this year, I have much better quality of cosplay photos to share.

For those wondering, yes I do have more AX 2011 (and AX 2010) photos sitting around, and I may post some of them still.  However, the main reason I haven't posted many of them is because I'm not happy with them.  Ever since I borrowed a friend's DSLR for my trip to Japan a couple years ago, I've not been happy with point-and-shoot photos (hence the new camera).  We'll see what I can convince myself are worth sharing and what magic Photoshop can work on them.

And for the few fans of my renders left wondering out there, I have some ideas floating around in my head that I'll hopefully be able to get onto the screen sooner rather than later.
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Hi all!

I went to AnimeExpo in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, and I have quite a few cosplay photos to post from this year.  I started posting a few, and I plan to get through them over the course of the day.

Also, I've got a new render (finally!) that will be coming very soon.  It's already on my website if you're impatient. :)
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The counter passed 50,000 in the last few days.  Nobody immediately came forward to claim the hit, so I'm going to assume it was lost to the vagaries of the casual surfer!

Thank you all for viewing my artwork.  I'll have to get to work on a celebration image.


P.S.  I've entered an image into the :icontwileks: "Blue" themed contest.  Please go check it out and vote for your favorite!
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I saw REDLINE today at Viz Cinema in the New People building at Japantown in San Francisco.  What's exceedingly awesome is that the film premiered in Japan and San Francisco on the same day (Friday)!

It was outstandingly awesome.  It will make love to your eyes.  If this film opens up anywhere near you, GO SEE IT for an awesome time and to experience what animation truly brings to the table!

REDLINE is playing (with English subtitles) at Viz Cinema through Thursday Oct 9, with screenings planned across the US in 2011.

ANN Article with Movie Trailer
ANN Review
Redline Website (Japanese)

(If some rendition of Sonoshee McLaren appears in my gallery, shown above, don't be surprised, lol!)
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Mature Content

Twi'lek Birthday Massage by Giolon

My present to myself, and to all of my viewers.  :)

Please enjoy!
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New Valkyria Chronicles and Metroid games on the same day?  Dear God, it's like Christmas.  I can't handle this much goodness all at once!

Also, check out new commissions completed for me by :iconfelle2thou: :
silky smooth by felle2thou star strutting by felle2thou

I had him add Ciel's missing facial tattoos, and that version (in hi-res along w/ Tyrena) will be available on RadiantCG in the near future.
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Hey ya'll!  What's up?

I went to AnimeExpo in LA this weekend with a couple friends.  I haven't been to an anime con in about 6 years.  It was an absolute blast!  I've got a ton of photos of cosplayers and bought some PVC figures.  You all wouldn't be interested in seeing any of that would you?

I also bought some prints and sketches from :icontransfuse: but he wasn't able to finish the sketches in time so he's going to mail them to me.

Thankfully I had the day off today, but sheesh I can't believe I have to go back to work tomorrow.  I just want to stay in anime land forever!  Alas, the real world beckons...
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Gosh I'm slow aren't I?

First things first.  I finally got :iconquigonjinn007:'s kiriban image finished to congratulate him for getting the 25,000th hit on my page here!  Next kiriban will be at 50,000!  Keep your eye on that counter and you could be the winner! :D

Next up, a HUGE thanks to :iconsioned01: for gifting me a dA subscription to celebrate my 25K milestone.  It's thanks to her that you all get to see the fancy flash slideshow of my gallery here, and I love it!  It's a great way to quickly show off some of my artwork.  Sadly, I've been so slow to post this that the sub is almost up, but I'll continue to enjoy it while it lasts.  I wanted to thank her and she said she wanted purple twi'leks in shiny things so purple twi'leks in shiny things is what she will get!  Hopefully sooner rather than later...

Finally, :iconfelle2thou: has created what I believe to be my very first fan art?!

Darth Pimping by felle2thou

The image features my very own Daru, Lana, Rena, and Oola hanging out with a very, very bad dude that you might be familiar with.  I'm honored that he chose my girls to put in there, and I love his rendition!  Thank you, man! I just hope they can get away from there afterwards without being harmed. o_0

My birthday is coming up next weekend, so the next image you see posted here will likely be my annual birthday image to myself.  Don't be surprised to see Daru featured in that one.
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Alright, I finally made it to 25,000 hits.  :iconquigonjinn007: is the winner of the 25k kiriban, so he'll get to give his input on the celebration image.

<a href="…" target="_blank>Winning Hit

Thank you to all who visit my gallery here. :)
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Ok, since I've passed up 20K by a decent margin now, I've decided that the kiriban image will be at 25K!  Just like the 10k one, if you get the 25K hit, send me the screenshot and you'll get input into what the kiriban image will be. :)

A new Oola image will still be coming very soon.

Thanks to everyone who visits my gallery and good luck!
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Wow, 20,000 hits snuck by me this evening.  Thank you everyone!  I'd seen it creeping to within a couple thousand in the past month or so and thought I should do something special.  I still think I should do something special.  Look for a kiriban image soon.  Who should be in it this time?!

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I just finished watching Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex (1st season).  Wow, what an awesome show.  I'd seen the movies, and thought they were good, but I enjoyed the hell out of SAC.  It's earned itself a place right up there with my top anime series, Cowboy Bebop.  Now I need to get a tachikoma for my desk...

:love: for Motoko!
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And I'll cry if I want to!  Well, I don't want to, lol.  Enjoy the new Daru image created for the occasion. :)

I almost didn't get it done today.  My brother got me The Force Unleashed, and it is awesome!  It was hard to pull myself away to get this image finished.
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I just got back from seeing The Clone Wars, and I absolutely loved it! It was quite funny, w/ cheesy dialogue and fun action.  I'm very much looking forward to the TV series starting in the fall!  Ahsoka is a cute, if somewhat stereotypical, character, and I feel that if she happened to make it to adulthood she'd turn out much in the way I've depicted her.
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It's finally here!  My 10K Kiriban image!  Thanks again everyone who's come by to take a look.  Enjoy the celebration from me and Daru:…

I hope the next 10K will come quicker, so I'll have more excuses to make images of my colorful ladies. :)
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  • Eating: Chinese Chicken Wings
  • Drinking: Vitamin Water Power-C's coming.  It's almost here.  A lot of things have happened in the last month.  Okami Wii distracted me.  Then The World Ends With You stole my soul.  Then GTA4 showed up.  Then I took a trip to Arizona for my brother's college graduation!  Then I had food poisoning this week.  It's been a long wait but the 10K (now 11K?) kiriban image is coming very soon.
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Well, it's been a long time coming, but it looks like 10,000 hits is finally coming up is here!.  People seem to like to celebrate that around here, so I think I will too!

If you are the lucky person that gets the 10,000th hit, send me a screenshot, and I'll do a special image for you.


Update: Congrats on Sharkker for getting the 10K hit:…

Expect a 10K celebration image coming soon!
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Thank you to those of you who have favorited me and my art over the past few days due to my purchased commission works!  I hope you'll come back to see what I have to put up in the coming days, weeks, and months!

In the meantime, there is a good deal of material on my website that I haven't uploaded here, so if you can't wait for it to show up, click on the link below. :)
I thought I'd get my journal entries into the newest year.  One of my pseudo-resolutions: update dA more often!  Even if I don't update here though, you can find all of my new stuff at my website.
Wow, I actually uploaded something here at the same time as my other locations!  Someone should give me a gold star...