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Dark Athena



This was made a long time ago, she is one of my OC's known as Dark Athena or Axelia- sama

Because of a little arguing with a friend I created her. We made together a group of Saint Seiya Roll and we both wanted to be Athena. So I let her and came up with an idea, this idea was Dark Athena and her Dark Saints

Axelia is the twin sister of Saori, and she was also born on the Sanctuary, tho no-one noticed because of Saori being Athena so Axelia was hidden. She was taken by one of the servants and raised up, knowing of her future. At the age of 10 she was told she was the reincarnation of Dark Athena, a not known yet very important goddess, who was also the Shadow of Athena. She was meant to maintain and look after the world peace and balance and also after Athena's safety and taking care of her position when Athena wasnt in the Sanctuary.

She was also warned about the fact of her not being known. And she would have to kept silence about that. But she wouldnt be so alone in that lonely existence because she would have Dark Saints.

Axelia feels a little of reject for her sister Saori, not only for being the one who everyone recognizes even for her actions, and not Athena's one. But also for having the opportunity of being rased with luxury and travel the world. But despite that, she is kind and lovely to her saints, although she always have a melancholic energy around her own

Thanks to :iconasclepios91: for the suggestion of changing her name
Axelia means "protector of humanity
Hope you like that !
I don't own the Sacred Saga illustrations!
Made on Photoshop
Saori/Athena © Masami Kurumada
Axelia/Dark Athena © GiokaTenshi
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Me gusto la mezcla de colores
seria interesante que hicieras uno de los dioses del olimpo D: