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Gino Valencia
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
New Zealand
filipino by blood, kiwi by birth .. Grew up with pencil and paper. my family raised me well [planting me in front of a television] early morning cartoons were my jam. space jam also my jam. got into anime in high school [irony].
my moms baptist, dads catholic so naturally, ✞ jesus is my homeboy.
all about the love peace and chicken grease


so i've been on avengers hype and the mk11 hype and i think that is where this character is kind of inspired from.
chucked in the tatts because ... its a drawing by me  :P

Love, peace & chickn grease ☮️

Reno Vasquez


Villain - authorities shut down dealers leaving him suffering withdrawals, rendering him unable to continue his aspirations of developing the area he grew up in. He’s not happy about that.


Acidic breath [among other effects, caused by the different compounds in his inhaler]

Reno was always a model student. Working hard to one day make a difference and become successful so he can give back to his humble community. In order to do this he knew he would have to undertake sleepless nights and lots of study to achieve this.

Developing the habit of smoking and other synthetics at a young age, Reno would turn to these vices to cope with the pressure and stress of his busy lifestyle.

Keeping it a secret for most his life, he continues to push his body to the limit until one day all his dealers mysteriously disappear in wake of the cities crackdown on illegal contraband. Left with no means to calm his mind and body, he suffers severe withdrawals, and his body begins to rapidly break down. He then looks to make his own synthetics to remedy his condition. However his health gets even worse.

He wakes up and crawls to the bathroom. He sighs in the mirror and it begins to melt, discovering his breath now decompresses solid matter. The many years of putting different chemicals and elements into his body, re-instituted parts of his throat and lungs causing the effect his breath now have.

His neutral breath now has what appear to be acidic properties, and Reno slowly learns to create different effects using inhalers with different compounds.

His body now weakened, he knows he doesn’t have that much time left. Before he goes he looks to resolve his vendetta he has against the authorities that crushed his dreams of lifting his neighbourhood from the ghetto.

Mr Glass

In a similar situation, both being physically brittle to different extents. They bond over their situations and Glass reveals that it is so that Reno may find the role he was meant to fit all along. Not that of someone who builds but one who was made to destroy.

The Beast

Comounds don’t work on the beast. Doesn’t get along with other personalities except Hedwig.

David Dunn

Although compounds work on him, Dunn would still wreck Reno in a fight. Reno would have to rely on traps and stealth to stand a chance.


Abigail West


Born with heterochromia, Abigail has worn contacts for most her life to feel normal. However, she would find herself clumsy and quiet, bullied and outcast from her peers. This would carry on into her college years where one day she gets knocked to the ground and her contacts fall out. When she gets back to her feet, not knowing they have fallen out, she finds herself being treated differently than before. Men are holding doors open for her, she is getting envious looks from other women, and she gets a free dessert with her Chinese takeout later that night. As she leaves the restaurant with her food a bike messenger narrowly misses her and another patron causing them to throw their dinner in the air. Abigail feels as if time has slowed down in the urgency, and manages to catch everything in one peace avoiding a messy disaster.

She arrives at her dorm and catches her reflection in the kitchen window, noticing she has been walking around with her natural ember and blue eyes. She decides to continue without her contacts, finally able to enjoy being herself as she goes about her otherwise mundane life.

As she goes on without her contacts, she finds herself able to will different behaviors from others, by changing the colors of her eyes like a visual pheromone. She also finds her eyes allow her to achieve super human reflexes as she slows her perception of time when distressed or in urgency. The peak of her case of heterochromia, lies in her ability to temporarily appear invisible to those in her gaze.


Born with heterochromia, she wears contact lenses to fit in, however they conceal her dormant abilities.

Heterochromia allows her to manipulate perceptions/behavior of those in her gaze through different color combinations she learns to change at will.

Focused gaze allows her to slow time giving the appearance of super human reflexes/reactions.

Peak use of her gaze gives her temporary invisibility.

Alignment: Hero

Conflicted to use her abilities to manipulate others for her own gain to make up for the lost years to isolation and bullying, Abigail chooses to not be defined by her abilities and maintain the morals she had developed before she found out how powerful she actually was.

Mr Glass

His intellect allows him to be immune to most attempts at perception altering.

Is almost successful in convincing Abigail to fight for his means.

The Beast

Her reflexes allow her to match and slightly surpass those of the Beast however she still has the strength and speed of a regular human, so she can avoid most of his attacks but will struggle to achieve any offense of her own.

Has great success manipulating the other personalities.

David Dunn

Combining the strength of Dunn with Abigail's perception and reflexes make the two a formidable tandem in battle.

[iLol was a series i started when i first made my dA]
So as a lazy, introvert artist I complied to the comfort/functionality over aesthetic we tend to have when it comes to our fashion sense [baggy shirts with some sort of represented fandom or ironic slogan]. Long story short i got clothes that fit now to look my age and my part in this new tutoring gig i recently stumbled into [i'm supervising the motion graphics module for a digital design paper]. you can now find me in a fitted button up under a sensitive guy sweater. 

I'm still staying creative despite the mild corporate surrender, trying to regularly paint up some drawings as we get closer to the end of September where i'll be exhibiting/selling prints at Overload.

Speaking of which, part of me felt a bit consumed in the period in time in which i would constantly punch out Fanart as to original characters. When it came back to revisiting the characters i had designed they felt a bit alien so i have been re-concepting a lot of them recently to reacquaint myself with them instead of doing more fanart.
Curious of peoples opinions on original work vs fanart [keeping in mind conventions/exhibiting and the dinero $]. I guess originals will sell if they are good right?
just need to get good then.

love peace n chikn grease 

Tekken 7 is amazing
Wonderwoman was cool
Guardians was fun 
Homecoming didn't do anything wrong i guess :P
Read LOW and TOKYO GHOST , they're the best books out there objectively according to me
  • Listening to: pop goes punk vol 7
  • Reading: paper girls
  • Watching: tekken 7
  • Playing: Tekken 7
  • Eating: something greasy and delicious
  • Drinking: water


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