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Fri Jul 24, 2015, 6:43 AM by Gintijd:icongintijd:

I just like to keep track with the art that I remake ;; v;; Just to see how much I've improved. It just gives me more motivation to keep going~

All the art shown here are from 2009 +

Mar 17, 2011 ⇒ Jan 8, 2012
Shinya Twins - Karakuri Burst by handbeer Karakuri Burst - Shinya Twins by handbeer 

Nov 16, 2012 ⇒ Sep 11, 2013 ⇒ Nov 13, 2014 ⇒ Nov 17, 2015
UTAU: Tatsuo Gekidone Official by handbeer  UTAU. Tatsuo Gekidone. Official Art. by handbeer  Tatsuo Gekidone Official by Gintijd  Officialtatsuonew2015 by Gintijd

Dec 2, 2009 ⇒ Jul 5, 2013
'World is mine' by handbeer Shinya Yume: 'World is Mine' remake by handbeer

Jan 1, 2010 ⇒ Oct 1, 2013 ⇒ April 27, 2015
Shinya Mino and Yume by handbeer Shinya Twins: Tulpen. by handbeer Oranje by Gintijd

Jan 3, 2011 ⇒ Dec 8, 2013
Tokeitou no uta - Keine Ron by handbeer  Keine Ron by handbeer

Dec 11, 2010 ⇒ Dec 9, 2013
Nami..:Circus Monster: by handbeer  Utaune Nami. by handbeer

Nov 29, 2009 ⇒ Sep 20, 2014
Yume...Kokoro by handbeer  Heart by Gintijd

April 19, 2010 ⇒ Sep 20, 2014
UTD mino vid by Gintijd  Mino: Suit up. by Gintijd

Sep 7, 2013 ⇒ Oct 16, 2014 ⇒ Oct 21, 2015
UTAU. Yume Shinya. Official Art. by handbeer  Yume Shinya Official by Gintijd  Yume Shinya Official 2015 by Gintijd

Sep 8, 2013 ⇒ Oct 17, 2014 ⇒ Oct 22, 2015 
UTAU. Mino Shinya. Official Art. by handbeer  Mino Shinya Official by Gintijd  Mino Shinya Official 2015 by Gintijd

Sep 8, 2013 ⇒ Oct 17, 2014 ⇒ Nov 2, 2015
UTAU. SPIKE. Official Art. by handbeer  SPIKE Official by Gintijd  Officialspikenew2015 by Gintijd

Feb 27, 2010 ⇒ Oct 19, 2014 ⇒ Nov 2, 2015
Enpitsune Linda by handbeer  Linda Enpitsune Official by Gintijd  Officiallindanew2015 by Gintijd

Dec 2, 2013 ⇒ Oct 20, 2014 ⇒ Nov 17, 2015
UTAU. Nitomi Mishka. Official Art. by handbeer  Nitomi Mishka Official by Gintijd  Officialnitominew2015 by Gintijd

Sep 30, 2010 ⇒ Nov 12, 2014 ⇒ Nov 14, 2014
Mino ofzoo by handbeer  Mino ofzoo by Gintijd  Mino. by Gintijd

Nov 30, 2013 ⇒ Dec 8, 2014
They Will Burn. by handbeer  Remake: They Will Burn by Gintijd

Jan 27, 2011 ⇒ Mar 4, 2015
Mino Crossplaying Rin by handbeer  Not again... by Gintijd

Feb 6, 2014 ⇒ May 3, 2015
Nini, I'm ready! by handbeer  Mino is always ready by Gintijd

April 10, 2012 ⇒ July 24, 2015
Mino dakimakura by handbeer  Dayum Mino by Gintijd

Dec 22, 2010 ⇒ Feb 19, 2012 ⇒ Sep 12, 2015

Mino - face.. by handbeer  Mino. face.. by handbeer  Mino by Gintijd

Sep 24, 2013 ⇒ Sep 22, 2015
SPIKE: Autumn. by handbeer  Herfst by Gintijd

I remake too much old art x'D AND IT'S ALL UTAU ART. WTH. OMG. x'D

Apr 25, 2013 ⇒ March 10, 2016
UTAU: Tatsuo by handbeer  Rood by Gintijd

--, 2010 ⇒ Nov 23, 2015
Yume so mature r8 nau by Gintijd

Dec 5, 2014 ⇒ Dec 6, 2015
One Year Later by Gintijd

Jan 15, 2012 ⇒ Dec 9, 2015
I will always love you. by handbeer  I Will Always Love You by Gintijd

Jan 13, 2015 ⇒ Jan 3, 2016
Yume Shinya Portrait by Gintijd  Yume Shinya Portrait by Gintijd

Jan 22, 2012 ⇒ Feb 4, 2016
Mino: PONPONPON by handbeer  Pon Pon Wei Wei wait.. by Gintijd

UTAU Drawings

Wed Jul 22, 2015, 6:58 AM by Gintijd:icongintijd:

I thought: "hey, let's make a journal with all the finished suggested UTAU drawings!"

So anyway, why do I draw suggested UTAUs?
These are not requests and not commissions, I let people choose which UTAUs I could draw for me to practice my art, to improve. I used to choose my own UTAUs/OCs to improve in specific things, but since that's limited, I wanted to try out and use other people's UTAUs. Every UTAU is different, which gives me the opportunity to practice specific things.

And since I'm still improving, the drawings won't look perfect at all, the UTAU would look too old or too young, or even too masculine, because I'm used to drawing manly men. So it takes time for me to get better and make the UTAU look good as possible.

So please don't get mad when I didn't draw your UTAU like you wanted it to look like, because this is NOT a commission. I do this all for FREE.

And of course, friends, watchers and designs that really caught my eye, go first.

But anyway, here are the finished UTAUs.

Ryan Moriyama by Gintijd  Lupederutaburn by Gintijd  Roko Soon by Gintijd  Ayumu Kurai by Gintijd  Kiaru Mizune by Gintijd  Ut4 by Gintijd  Trent by Gintijd  Utauharu by Gintijd  Ami Taiyo by Gintijd  Shika Raiu by Gintijd  Karasune Luc by Gintijd  Reicheru Nintone by Gintijd  Tendone Awasu by Gintijd  Asuki Ai by Gintijd  Senritsu Ongaku by Gintijd  Misakiasahina by Gintijd  Ellielowell by Gintijd  Utaukira by Gintijd

And I still have like 25 to go x'D

I just want to say that I absolutely enjoy drawing all these UTAUs and giving them a chance to get some love. All these UTAUs are unique in their own way, they all sound amazing and look amazing. Some UTAUs just don't get that much love, and I want to show you that every UTAU can be seen. So don't give up, if you feel like your UTAU is unworthy, because they are not, they are amazing. And you should keep doing what you like to do.

It might take a while until I've drawn your UTAU, but think about this: the later, the better. Since I keep improving and my art is getting better.


Leanpan is back? o-o

Mon Jan 19, 2015, 2:03 PM by Gintijd:icongintijd:





Dutch/Nederlands UTAU [Reclist CVVC]

Mon Dec 22, 2014, 12:55 PM by Gintijd:icongintijd:

I've re-recorded Mino's Dutch a few months ago. 

And last month, I've actually released the reclist of his Dutch.

I'm still going to release Mino's Dutch, but I'm not yet finished oto'ing it.
Hopefully I can release that on his 5th Anniversary, which is next month.

Here's the video where I pronounce a few stuff and other things:

Here's a preview of Mino's Dutch:

Here's the download link of the reclist:
Dutch Reclist Download:
 □ zip-file contains the following:
    → reclist-dutch-CVVC.txt
    → pronunciation table.jpg
Pronunciation table PDF:


Yume's 5th Anniversary (Oct 23rd)

Wed Oct 1, 2014, 5:23 AM by Gintijd:icongintijd:

Yume (Shinya)'s 5th Anniversary is coming up.
Heart by Gintijd
And that means: 5th Anniversary video!

I'll be releasing a few things for Yume:
  • Soft Append

  • High (C5)
  • English

Since the video will be all about Yume, I also want to add all the fanart that's ever been made of her!

So if you are interested in making fanart for Yume's 5th anniversary, I'd really appreciate that!

The deadline is Oct 21st, I'll be making the video the day before her Anniversary.
So feel free to draw something. It could be anything... Even a sketch is fine~

Thank you for reading!

- Tetsu